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I absolutely loved this update! I can't tell if that trial was an exaggeration of the past or just the manifestation of her dread, though. I'm assuming the latter because she isn't dead yet, as blunt as it is to say that. I've been re-reading this comic twice in the past month and I honestly can't get enough (although I stopped midway through chapter 11 because reasons).
@Qlock: Cogito had a modest nature!? Damn, she still kicks ass.
This page marked the beginning of one of the best mother-son relationships in fiction.
Just starting over again...
Here comes the best character. It's indisputable. Cogito is the best character.
Thank you
@Qlock: It's truly a shame that this will be the last we see of this comic. However, nobody should be complaining. You've given us THE nuzlocke. You've pushed through so much for our sake even when you felt like shit. You've given us amazing characters that we all care about. The embodiment of the the entire idea of a nuzlocke in my opinion is to appreciate your team, and I've never cared so much about fictional characters anywhere else. If this ends up being the conclusion, it better damn well be a good one. To conclude a nuzlocke properly without showing the entire journey is something I've never seen before, but I'm welcoming it. Especially if it's from you. I'd be interested to see what really happens in game for you, maybe as a final note to end things off? Draw a few more pieces for us depicting the fate of each character? I'm asking for a little much perhaps, but I think we'd all appreciate that very much.

I'll admit, I was really stubborn about reading "There Will Always Be Dragons" because I just loved this so much that I couldn't accept the fact you were working on something else. But that was simply immature of me. I want to see you succeed in everything you do in the future, and I will follow you all the way.

Zager seems to be fairly prominent on the cover. I've been enjoying his character very much. Although I still have a grudge against Pluto, Zager's compassion was truly touching. I'm pretty excited to see what they can do. Kato's development has been fucking amazing, and if there were a poll held, he'd probably be the fan favourite next to Jojo for just being an awesome character. Puck has been with us since the beginning. If he dies before he evolves it'd be heartbreaking. Bimm has just been such a pleasant and graceful party animal, and I love that she's doing her best to take on the motherly figure this time around. And then there's Cogito. Has there been a more badass nuzlocke character ANYWHERE!? Her previous vendetta against humans is executed so god damned well, her development had an entire CHAPTER dedicated to it, and she has been my favourite since she joined the team. Her sassy personality developing into utter seriousness, her evolution, CHAPTER FUCKING 9! Will never forget her in particular.

We miss you, Robin! What a character! She's done so many questionable things, yet I still can't help but wish for her safety! She's made me feel so conflicted about the whole situation, and I really want to see her happy. She might or might not deserve it, but she's a kid who's been forced into a shitty situation by shitty people.

Again, thank you so much for all of this! I knew this would be my favourite!
Nuzlockes, dude.
@KAI_BORG: Look 'em up. ^^
I should be ashamed of myself
I forgot about this for so long! I was near tears by this part T_T

Sorry to hear about how your life's been. I'm glad you get to see your family again. You don't owe us anything. ^^
That would be cool, but...
@Turtle: This is Gen 3, unfortunately, so there are just 5 of them available.
why am i late.

You basically just made me start to feel the littlest amount of sympathy for Pluto. Considering what he'd done, I'm honestly surprised anyone managed to do this with 5 new pages.

You really got me with mixed emotions. He was acting so high and mighty just now but he obviously cares about his daughter. I initially found him annoying, but this kind of situation will freak anyone out.
Implied Romance
I don't know why, but I really ship the two. Cogito seems the closest to her apart from Puck now that Jojo has unfortunately passed.
Never noticed it before...
Not talking about the Marowak, but I always disregarded Bimm's and Cogito's little talks. But after reading the later chapters, I think I see why Cogito and Bimm acted even remotely like friends, actually.
It's All Good
Listen, I'm not exactly experienced with the adult world, but I do understand that it must cause immense pressure for many. You don't owe us anything. Like you said, this was made as a fun little thing, so you doing this isn't anything you owe us. There is no pressure whatsoever. If it stops, it stops. We'll miss it, but we'll understand.

I'm not going to feign empathy with you, because you have no idea how much that pisses ME off when someone does that to me. However, you do have my support. By no means are you alone! I have been reading since Giovanni's last meeting with Zager's ex-owners, so I know what the hiatuses are like. And I'm also responsible for these, but instead with the poor excuse of being lazy.

On another note, this has been a very delightful little update. Cogito being hard on Puck is practically normal at this point, and I feel that she's going to have to step up as leader one point or another. I would say Bimm, but we don't really know much about her at all, whereas Cogito has had a whole chapter of development dedicated to her. I look forward to future updates, regardless of how long they take.

just one of your many amazing fans.
@SouLIke: Probably because we as the readers never actually SAW Jojo's and Swann's corpses; just goo, and it will be hard to portray in the deceased section.
Don't worry
@Pizoli: This comic has been put on hold for longer. And that was when we didn't know who survived Pluto's rampage. I really wouldn't worry.
Panel 5 tho
Since chapter 3, Cogito has remained my favourite :P