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nurse loooks like a man
here it is....
ok so this is a seen that foreshadows something
im not gonna tell u ppl why i put a side story
so as you can see my art has completely changed because i used photoshop sketched a drawing on paper then scanned it fixed it on photoshop AND now look this comic has hopes of being amazing...
Stockholders can you help me by making this look like a real manga
thanks means a lot to me
Your art looks good to
Guys actuallt this is not good a t all in the next comic it will lokk like an actually manga
Thanks but how can I impove
i mest up on the hands
really hard to draw
it was very hard to draw this but its cool
I've been wondering i can draw manga but I'm not sure how to color it because i want it black and whitte should i use sharpies or something or actual pens
I'm getting a lot of fans from random pals I'm not sure who they are but........ it seems dangerous
i finished the first issue just need to find my scanner software just saying for a manga it looks very bad
im making it a manga