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Oh how harsh though, being told by someone who made you that not only are you not currently sufficient but can never be improved to be so

so you just have to be

but look at Dial. Look at him, he's like, "oh, is this a bad time?"
Oh my gosh
are they okay?
Does RGB know what's happened to them but doesn't wanna say?

I bet he's gonna say;
"Julienne and Melody are tough as nails, I'm sure they're fine"
oh yeah, right there in the corner, the scarecrow/centaur girl :o
that tears it

"It gets difficult to keep track of what I have and haven't..."

You know, I'll believe that. I'll let you pass on that- it probably wasn't out of malice. There's just too much nonsense to explain in this world x)
@Guest: Oh! You're right! He must of just hid that they didn't fit under his new coat.

What's interesting is that if maybe he got them here, they would of adjusted to fit like the new hands. The whole "it is me, it is mine" thing.
What a clever girl
I'm honestly surprised she knew how to do that.

But I'll always wonder why RGB doesn't just have clothes that fit, considering he's -in universe- a fictional character and ideally, would of been designed with clothes his size. It's odd.
omg they are actually having fun with their little pun-off aren't they...
Does he always have to do this when it's ironing time? He should consider never rolling up his sleaves again. xD
Wait does Hero love it because she loves Madras? Hero's such a cutie...
HahA Oh noo something tells me Hero isn't a dress and frilly skirts kinda girl. Can't you find her a big jacket made with love or something? It could be a armoured jacket pfft.
Tailor is very UNSTABLE.

But this is hilarious, and I love how he explains that it's him who hasn't changed. Everything he adds on to himself inevitably changes him back to how he just... is, that's interesting.

Oh and Happy Birthday Mod! Remember to take it easy, okay? :D
Aha, oh no, but it doesn't match...
He'll have to buy a new glove too I guess. Or maybe he can change it's color now that it's his.

I also like the chant they do when adding parts to themselves, it's like a spell almost.
Haha, someone who hasn't read the comic; describe what's happening in the bottom scene.

But hm. Tailor has a odd relationship with RGB...
Ohho my goodnesss look at Hero and assock they are getting oUT of there xD

But oh wow, is Tailor not RGB's friend or... is she only like this when she's under orders?

Haha, but RGB looks like he has to deal with this often so I guess everything's alrgiht...
I remember seeing her on the character silhouette page a long time ago! I was looking forward to seeing them, I knew they'd be something like this.

...I don't like the look of those push pins though.

it's a porcupine!! Oh, I love her already.
"The previous and present". Lovely. He's referring to assock isn't he.
god help me oh no
@Guest: But is that not the true meaning of life
Is it heavy? Because technically RGB carried it on his leg for the past couple of hours. x)

But Miscellany. Miss. Cell-Any.

Honestly I'm surprised it isn't Miss. "Sell"-Any.

I can't wait to see what she looks like. ;u;