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I'm a comic artist based out of the Midwest, where we are sorely lacking in excitement. So, to occupy myself, I go to a hipster church based out of a coffee shop, take care of babies at a part time job, and binge watch crime shows on the Internet.
But now I finally feel stable enough to pursue my dream of being an artist. I look forward to creating and seeing how my creations are received by you wonderful people. :D

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I should clarify that the Jewish day ended at sundown. So sundown starts the second day of Jesus being dead.
I'm getting into more of a groove with these :)
And yay, Jesus! I know the real Jesus probably didn't have long hair, but it's a cliche I can't pass up.
April 16th, 2017
“Dear Woman” is a 17 page comic about Easter through the eyes of Mary, Jesus’s mother, specifically the relationship between the two.

DISCLAIMER: I know I didn’t get all the details right, I know I don’t know everything about the customs and the time, but I did my best.

I also took some liberties with how Mary is normally portrayed. She is a confused, grieving, human mother who has been through a lot. I acknowledge Mary probably wasn’t exactly like this, but she could have been.

Also, let me know if the pages feel too rushed or are hard to read. Every time I get back into comics, I’m reminded how hard it is. ^^;

It's impressive that RGB had the creativity to know what to do in that situation. I would have just blankly stared at the kid until she gave up or some explanation was offered.