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Beware George's "Steal yo girl" face!
Agh, this was supposed to be in response to @eishiya
Are you listening, H0ly?
Print it and we will buy~
Er... What happened to George's face in panel 1?
@Kohal: She seems the type to go back on her word when the chips are against her.
It was said in comedy, but a small part of me does hope she changes the rules on the fly.
"Oh. Um... Ok. Go, Gyarados!"
I would very much enjoy seeing Fish clamped onto Golduck's tail like they were some sort of Slowbro.
For all the people who freaked out about not showing us DT's tail last time, not one person has said "Phew she's ok" yet?
Allow me!
Phew, she's ok!
Aaand... Evolve!