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That kid in the red shirt kind of looks like the kid with the cleft chin from One Punch Man.
And truth be told i still don't like him.
That Awkwardness when someone tries to cheer you up after you realized existence is meaningless and you tell them you don't like Ice Cream.
Happens more often than you might think!
I am reading this for the second or third time now and i always wonder if he is explaining all of this to the Humans on this Page.
Ah delicious Human-Soup!
What a Treat!
"Oh and i see you got us all a little Present!"
"Present? What is it?"
"Its DEATH!"
-Merry very-late-but-maybe-still-Christmas
And NOW he's even being a bad Winner!
Only total D-Heads are bad Winners!
And the Winner will have to fight Smokey the Bear.
His bad Puns make me dislike him for some reason.
Or maybe i just don't like him in general?
I just can't really WARM up to the Guy. :D
Dont look at him too long or you will end up just like him! D:
Damn that guys design feels like its screaming evil.
@annann: He is the Cheekbone killer.
He slits the Throats of his Victims with his Cheekbones.
It was probably the one we didn't see.
She somehow looks all kinds of F-ed up in the last Pannel...
@DeadlyDuo: And i don't like her.
@Zimeta08: Some Birds aren't meant to be caged.
@Nieidanine: And what if he loses some?
If his hair got stuck for example?
Who cuts his hair?
Because im pretty sure he can't go somewhere to get it done.
There are Mirrors everywhere in those places!