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They wouldn't have necessarily gotten him to a Hospital in time even if he hadn't done what he did.
"So, what about your Parents?"
"Oh, they died a few hundered Years ago."
I think Stanley kind of disregarded that William probably isn't going to be ok with this Plan.
Everyone else 'WILL' be too.
December 18th, 2018
@Xylas_Incarnum: Are you sure that it wasn't just Chicken?
I assume that Guy was one of the actual Doctors who became a Plague Doctor?
Because there were a lot of Swindlers,
who ended up just spreading the Plague.
But he seems actually concerned,
wich is why i assume that he used to be an actual Doctor.
(I don't know why that would even matter)
The revelations are hitting hard.
He should have stayed calm,he really lost his Head there.
Truly a SMASHING good Comic.
This Ark seems to be ending with a Bang.
(Its actually a WHULK! and a POP! but those are less punny.)
But that ending did kind of POP up out of nowhere so theres that i guess.
Oh. Yea. Sure. Cause THAT can't go wrong at all.
@Guest: Its probably way harder without Lips.
@artificer urza: Maybe he hesitated.
He used to be programmed not to hurt humans so that may have iterfered with it?
(Sorry for my bad english.)
Is that title a Cool Cat reference?
That kid in the red shirt kind of looks like the kid with the cleft chin from One Punch Man.
And truth be told i still don't like him.
That Awkwardness when someone tries to cheer you up after you realized existence is meaningless and you tell them you don't like Ice Cream.
Happens more often than you might think!
I am reading this for the second or third time now and i always wonder if he is explaining all of this to the Humans on this Page.
Ah delicious Human-Soup!
What a Treat!
"Oh and i see you got us all a little Present!"
"Present? What is it?"
"Its DEATH!"
-Merry very-late-but-maybe-still-Christmas