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Hi. My name is Rebecca. My names means "binding" or "one who brings things together". Which is true in many ways. I am often the one to stop fights or organize situations. What can I say? I just cherish simplicity when it comes to social engagements. Anyways, my interests include drawing my hands off, writing elaborate pieces of writing, creating meaningful stories, jamming out to music, acting like a know-it-all, fangirling over fictional characters, and watching my favorite shows. I am a Gemini. I am a tiny force of nature. And I am the only one being in the universe in my exact time and place and situation. I am going to cherish that.
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    Rebecca Maciel
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Hope this comic is updated soon. It's really cute and I miss it. <3
Is it weird that i find RGB's reaction to being touched utterly adorable? I wonder if he's ticklish...
i wonder what a monster would be afraid of...
Aaaaww!!! i get so many feels when rgb says "just this once" >.<
Haha crawdaddy's so cute in the background xD
He's kinda... Pointing at the sisscors in the middle panel.. So maybe he knows? O.o
Ive read the whole comic this thus far, and i must simply say... WOW. this is so perfect in every way, i cant even. PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE get well soon! i check almost everyday to see if you've updated. it killing me ;-;
I love this comic so far cx i hope it gets popular cause its really cute.
Okay so...
Okay so... I literally sat to check out this comic cause, ya know, it looked pretty cool. Next thing you know, i am a giggling and fangirling mess, who almost cried twice and chewed of her fingernails, waiting for the power couple to kiss. ((Im still waiting!!)) I, no joke, read this whole comic, from start to finish, in ONE SITTING. ONE!! No bathroom brakes, no snack breaks. I just couldnt stop!! The first thing i did was cry because i realized that i would have to wait like everybody else, and then ran to the bathroom. I HAD TO PEE!! >.< but anyways, just wanted to say... AWESOME!! Definately in my top three favorite comics!! ;D keep up the awesome work!!