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So yeah. I'm Z-Owl, Owl for short. I like reading, writing, drawing, acting, violin playing, and all that other artsy stuff. My name is the same on almost every website I visit so if you see a Z-Owl-Hedwig its probably me and you should say hi.
hahaha I went back and reread the whole thing too. I kinda miss when smackjeeves was more active.
I read the whole thing in one sitting it was sooooo good. Please keep up the good work.
depending on how much shipping is yes I would buy a copy
umm. . .
I'm just curious. . . but is anyone still alive?
Here's a quick sketch I did in my new sketch pad.
They say all emotions can be put under 3 general categories and I just realized that you can do the same thing with Naoki's personalities.
Glad- Koneko
Sad- Nao
Mad- Ki

P.S. I'll try to put a better pic up later.
Aww Nao and Ki look so cute. Now i have to draw somethin.
I happen to like fluffy pages.

In response to your question:
My parents are really easy going they don't care who I bring home as long as I'm happy with him/her, but I have gay and lesbian friends who don't get along with their parents since they came out. My friends never came out to me I kinda just found out when they a talked about their boy/girlfriend.
ooooo. it lives. yay. i feel like i should draw something now.
Little Keith is just too adorable.
Awww. Little Kieth is so cute, and his uncle's kinda hot.
Since no one has posted in a while I decide to draw a page. I had this idea in my head for a while, so here we meet personality number 3.

Name: Koneko-chan
Age: Physically 19, looks about 16, mentally 4(ish)
Info: Koneko-chan is the part of Naoki from before his personality split. He has no memory of what has happened in the past 15 years and still thinks he is 4. Koneko-chan likes many of the things Nao and Ki like, however, because he was very close to his mother Koneko-chan likes to wear dress and skirts and likes his hair up in pigtails. His right eye is golden yellow(like Nao) and his left eye is red(like Ki). He is generally a very happy and energetic person.

P.S. anything in between > < means it's in japanese, and sorry if i messed up Mew, Kyo, or Joe.
I think he's gonna tell the truth wrapped in a pretty little lie.
yes. Respond please.
So this is a reply type thing to revenge is sweet.

Sorry if it's kinda bad. I drew it in the dark. ^.^
Awww, he looks so cute. I wanna draw a page but at the moment I feel like emptying my stomach, so maybe I'll draw somethin later. -_-
Awww. His hair is all short. Now Naoki is the only one with long hair.
Poor Nao, he went to get a hair cut and the next thing he knew it was the next morning and he had something to show off besides a new haircut.

OMG he has a shirt!