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OUT yay...
but sadly something had to go wrong and that is i accidentally drew it on a small page switch despite my checking it was originally a 500x1200. not something that allows me to put much detail in. which would explain me only being able to use a one inch pen and still screwing up the horses on the first penal
Another error page and made it hard to finally finish.
I cant believe II got this out. I do apologies for the quality of this page, I just wanted to post it as soon as possible before something else happened.

let's play a game, spot the shitty mistakes, I already found three
Let me know if you like the old or knew shading. I tried something new, using just black and white rather multiple different colours. I don't mind criticism at all
Foal being naughty and a fox cub that thinks she is the shit.
bit of a pain in the ass for this page behind the scenes. I ended up screwing up the shaded on a different program and it ended with me having this page on hold for a long time.
Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes as I rushed it. I might be a bit will for a few weeks so there may not be any comics out next week or the week after.
January 30th, 2016
There was no reason for the long wait. I have had this ready to added text for almost a week. sadly I have been a bit too busy. I have finished the lineart to the animals in the next page so that is good.
Elly character by firegazersamethyst
December 30th, 2015
Her pawprint is wrong, they should be closer together. i was just having a hard time trying to give the illusion of elevated mud

Elly character by firegazersamethyst
December 18th, 2015
Elly, The beta female is teaching the cubs about tracks

Elly character by firegazersamethyst
December 14th, 2015
Sorry Sorry Sorry
I am so sorry for this late entry, I have been very sick and had given up on doing the comic during that time. but I am all better and let us hope this never happens again.

Rikku, character by firegazersamethyst
November 22nd, 2015
I put a bit more light into it

Rikku, character by firegazersamethyst
@Midnight-fox18: I started using this too on page 9 of chapter 2
Ameen from Land of Paradise
Decided to do a speed drawing, might do a real one later
Art of alpha Vix comforting her son Dante

Time: 13 minutes
a drawing of Ameen and Mingan at 5 months
this was one of the first drawings I did which is why it hasn't got that much detail like my more newer ones

base lineart from Jim and Jamie Dutcher photo lf-pups-sleeping
sorry I can't really find where the real photo on
tell me what you guys think, would you like for me to use this brush for the fur?
don't worry about the colouring as it won't look that crap, I just rushed this

line art from here
copyright belongs to the original photographer
Rikku copyright of firegazersamethyst
Nilalo and his mate Gin
November 3rd, 2015
bit too dark, experimenting with colours here

wolves at panels 3, 6 and 8 are Elly and Rikku, characters by firegazersamethys