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What a great update
I know this commentary is going to be really long, but dang it, I need to say what is on my mind:

Man, this comic has come a long way!

I remember how much more simplistic it was back at first chapters, when all the events and scenes took place just from Robins point of view, like its just some regular Leaf-Green gameplay. But then, after those few chapters, it became evident that the comic has potential for much more!

And you definitely DO deliver it! The potential is used perfectly! I like the fact that we are moving at the much slower pace now, and the story is being told from more perspectives. It is also a great way to showcase your art!

It is interesting to see how the team has kinda "split up" in some sort of way, and are not really bonded like they used to be (yet at the same time, Puck and Cogito get along better than ever, while back at the beginning, they would clash constantly).

I really feel for Kato and his grieving is portrayed perfectly here. I expected no less of a reaction from him, when Jojjo died. However, I do think that his anger is really misplaced. He should be mad at Gary, Giovanni and Pluto, instead of Robin and Bimm. If I were Bimm, I would also hesitate telling what happened to Fuji.

Speaking of Bimm, I am really starting to like her more and more as a character.
I like how she stopped goofing around and has realized that adventure is not always about fun and games. Its great that she is trying to lighten up the mood (and its not by clowning around like she used to).

Still though, of all the main characters, she seems to be least developed so far. It would be really cool seeing more of the story from her point of view, because almost everyone else got their fair share of story development (Puck trying to cope with Regina´s death and making sure that none of that happens to anyone else, Cogito being bitter about the world around her, but now she finally finds something to care about and worth fighting for, Kato getting probably the biggest character development so far, with him trying to get over his fear of battling and get stronger, and now regretting his decision once again after Jojjo´s death.... etc... etc..).

Still, I will not demand anything, as you already have an idea how the comic is going to proceed (and I know that its going to be great anyhow).

I cannnot express how happy I am that I have discovered this comic and I wish you good luck for future work and updates, Qlock!
You rock!
Did he actually kill Darkrai with that attack?
Was this explosion strong enough to actually cause malfunctions in the nightmare that Musharna is controlling?

Phew, so many questions! :p

In the meantime, I have just noticed that you have reached 500 fans! :O

Well done! Keep up the good work, man! :)

This is definitely one of the best comics I have seen here that uses those shading effects.
@Teal Talonflame:

I am guessing that Cubone would be okay because of ground type immunity....or would it?
Bad feeling...
I have a bad BAD feeling about the outcome.....for Pichu, that is.

He is still inexperienced and I doubt that he will be able to handle and control all that power that he is absorbing, which might lead to his demise.

I am calling it right now: His attack is going to fail and he will probably end up hurting himself on accident (maybe even getting killed).

I also thought that Cubone could die probably, because it seems like he will try to stop Pichu (but then I remembered that he is a ground type).
Excellent update!
This was an amazing update from the start to finish!

I already expected that Swann and Jojjo would not make it, but despite that, the scene where their death was revealed is still absolutely stunning! Especially the fact that you did not show their bodies and those lines from Cogito: " We are done". And then when she turned around and revealed that she was crying (for the first time in this comic!) should tell you enough.

And then those last panels where Robin decided to let go of her team to save them and just gave up and surrendered. I can totally understand why she did that. She does not want to bring her team into any more trouble or witness another Pokemon from her team dying. I mean sure, she will probably reunite with them later, but right now she probably thinks that this is the last time that she is seeing Puck and the rest of her team.

And now for Pluto...was he in one of those poke balls that Puck swam away with? If so, there is no telling what Robins team might do to him.
Agree with this post!
@First time reader:

Yea, I am totally with you on this one.

It is really not cool when people spoil stuff. I had a similar case recently when someone spoiled a detail from a game that I am saving money to buy. I was so furious.

Maybe this guy didnt do it intentionally, but the damage is still done. I hope that this didnt turn you off completely from reading the comic.
This is very interesting, because just few days ago I was wondering what could be Charmanders real name. And its even more interesting to know that she had a teammate called "Fire". Is she referring to Torchic #935?

Does this mean that Angel really could be evil? I am still not sure because I saw that extra page under filter content that you made a while ago, called "Last words to an angel" (even though I am not sure whether that is relevant to the story or not).
Oh boy...
Oh boy, Charmander is about to reveal something big to the audience! :O

Is it going to be a major plot twist?

I rooted for Angel at the beginning, but I´m not sure whether I should anymore. She is the only character here that actually seems sketchy, while everyone else seems to have 100% good intentions.

I really want to know what is the "REAL" reason she killed Fire´s predecessor.
I came across this comic about a year ago, and since then I´ve been dedicated and following it.

This is the first nuzlocke comic that I ever read, and it introduced me to the whole idea of nuzlocking. And even now, when I know what nuzlocke is, this comic still manages to create so much tension and surprise me. No other nuzlocke comic ever did that (from the ones that I´ve read of course).

I will just say: the storytelling is superb. It easily made me attached to all the characters and I always feel terrible when something bad happens to them. I was literary shaking while going through those last few pages, anticipating a horrible outcome for Robin´s team.

As much as I don´t want anyone of them to die, I have a feeling that Jojjo and Swan won´t make it, with Zager and Pluto filling their spots. I can´t even imagine what s**tstorm is going to be when everyone finds out that Pluto is a new team member.

Robin´s sanity is very questionable after all of this.
Cool atmosphere
This is such a cool comic. It definitely deserves all the positive comments it has received so far.

I started reading it around several months ago when it had about 300 fans, but just now I created profile and gave it a fave.
Not sure why I didn´t do it earlier. :/

I just have to say that I´m really impressed at how much did the art evolve in this comic.
As everyone already mentioned, shading really DOES take this to a whole new level and it really creates the atmosphere.

Can´t wait to see what else do you have in store for us.