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Hi <3

I sprite and draw.


I used to be Polly2
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    Ai or Milki
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Eventually I'll explain her backstory, something I'm actually working on ! Still working out the kinks/plot holes and fixing some shit so yeah !! ♥

But yeah, she's waking up from a nightmare filled slumber and checks her phone, it was such a tiring night she didn't even change clothes
My persona reference
She's a Witch and she made a spell to turn her into a cat hybrid from time too time, it lasts for about a few months as long as she doesn't become sick... She's engaged to Miguel and he's part vampire.
After they marry she becomes a vampire too but looked on as an abomination.

Base by : Waitress ♥
Name: Reurna Vruyos
chumhandler: sweetSPARKLERS
Blood Color : Heir fuchsia
Gender: Female
Age: 8.31 Sweeps
Derse or Prospit?: Derse
Weapon: Golden and metal stick sickles
Title: Witch of Heart
Active or Passive?: Active
Medium: Land of Rain and Diamonds

types in a l o n g dr aw n out appearance as if she d o e sn t k n o w how to t a l k ?????
s o m e times w i l l f o r g
Name: Valerie Rin Rios
Alias’: Princess
Age: 18+
Gender: Female
Species: Akita / Wolf / Witch
Birthdate: January 15 199X
Country of Origin: United States
Birthplace: Ohio
Ethnicity: African American + Asian
Occupation: Underground Surgeon, Artist, Coven Associate , inspiring makup and hair stylist, witch
Language(s): English, learning Japanese
Native tongue: English
Religion: Agnostic ( Unsure / Confued )


Education: 2nd year college Student
Weapons/Offensive equipment: Mace , scalpel , rat tail comb, club, cleaver, nailed bat
Items/Defensive equipment/Misc:


Height: 5'7
Weight: 160 - 170 lbs
Eye Color: Pink / brown
Hair: Pink & Long
Shoe size: 9 1/2 10
Figure/build: Chubby slim curvy


Distinguishing marks: Scars , 3rd eye
-Tattoo(s): ( none atm )
-Scars: Arms, thighs
-Piercings: Ears
-Clothing style: Many styles, urban casual, punk, aethetic , Graphic Ts, leggings, seifuku, kawaii/pastel , goth wear


Currently lives: Ohio
Living Arrangements: Apartment
Description of daily surroundings: Urban, Suburb


Hobbies: Drawing, studying anatomy, reading, tv, gore, romance, horror, movies, games, manga, cooking, witching and whatnot
Strengths: Magic, drawing,
Weaknesses: Communication


Love interest(s): Marz Rios
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual


Dominant Hand: Right
Diet: Omnivore, likes meats and bread the most, pastry and cakes, veggies
Virgin?: Nope
Drinker?: Somewhat
Smoker?: Marijuana
Drug user?: Marijuana
Pet peeves: Being told what to do, being taken advantage of, crying when she's mad, obnoxiously loud people


Personality: Valerie is extremely nice, loving, caring and always out to help people who come to her aid. But being those things gets her taken advantage of constantly. But even with that she has her flaws, she's quite sassy, stubborn and can be somewhat mean to an extent. But an even darker side, that comes out due to the many years of being taken advantage of isn't quite the same, she's been known to become increasingly unsettling and even violent when it comes to other people ( minus close friends and family ) coming into contact with her partners.

Likes: Food, drawing, music, games, sweets, blood, gore, horror, movies, chocolate, love, romance, holidays, clothing, money, gold, wealth
Dislikes: Being alone, crying when mad, people who only care for themselves, hypocrisy, solitude,
Morals: High morals / Mediam morals
Fears/Phobias: isolophobia , chilopodophobia , dentophobia , agoraphobia, Glossophobia
Favourite food: Porkchops, meat, scallops, seafood, crab, chocolate, fried chicken, donuts, burgers, dressing, croissants
Favourite drink: Coffee, tea, cranberry juice
Favourite color: Pink , black, red, white , certain greens
Favourite song: Too many to list
Favourite movie: ( Purge, Conair , Saw, Four Brothers, Live free or Die Hard )


-Parents: Lareen A. Rios ||
-Siblings: --
-Other close relatives: --
Friends: --
Partner: Marz Rios
Offspring: --
Enemies: Some
Pet(s): Forever mini piggy

Base by Waitress on FA
November 28th, 2016
Sonas !!
♥ Happy Halloween ♥

I was busy yesterday so I didn’t get to post this

Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween ♥♥

My persona dressed as Gamzee , who’s also my zodiac troll
I'm a little pancake ♥
DDLG princess

I need more little friends ♥

I like how this came out !
The best yandere is this yandere //sparkle eyes with blood on thee eyelashes emoji ��
This was a drawing I did for a contest that I entered and won 1st place ♥♥

Ai [ Left ] belongs to me ♥
Jasmine [ Right ] belongs to Ten-Heart @ dA
Rouge ♥
Rouge has always been my fav. ♥
I forgot her wings though. . .
I need to to work on Anatomy ...
And my dialogue
I'm bad at making banners
But hey ... Stars are cute ?
@Moon light madness: I like it !!

But I think it may need some darker tones cause it's kinda blending too much together ? Idk if it's just me or what not but yeah

Though the design I like u v u
@The_Project: Yup
I uses a bamboo pen and touch
Along with paint tool sai and photoshop for touchups
February 21st, 2015
@witswithme: Thanks // I left here for 5 years to practice so I'm glad it payed off u v u
February 21st, 2015
@Moon light madness: Thanks !! <3
February 21st, 2015
Milkii after she decided to become an G.U.N agent ♥