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I like pokemon.
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I hope Delia just casually takes down team rocket without realizing that they're not normal trainers.
Looking at the terror that is Fish in the backdrop, I can't wait to see what he looks like as a Gyarados.
*squints at new character*
Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?
Rick is pretty cool, so's the one who flies around with the hat in Jutopa's Blue
@Axies: That was an ice pun. 'Twas cool of you to share, but I think you can get pun-ished for joking around in the comments.
@SoraIndigo: The Slowbro has just looked utterly fraxing TERRIFYING so far. I'd give anything to later find out it's Giovanni's or something and it's what's messing with Em's memories of team rocket
@Tom: Thanks, I didn't see that at first XD
@Porky: Even more so when either her personality splits in two before being fused together again, or she gets a head with a whole new consciousness that will have do die for her to evolve fully.
@Jutopa: PLEASE have some fourth wall stuff with that XD
How in Arceus' name does this have less than 100 followers
I like the tiny rainbow that appears as the gengar regurgitates the cubone
That radio signal was the second cruelest thing team rocket has ever done. The first was when you had to use cut on a doorway to open it to get inside a base in firered.
Love your comics!
Could someone please post a link or URL for the Diamond Nuzlocke? Me want read!