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Oh boy, where do I start? I'm not too good at condensing information about myself so lets see. I love art of all kinds; digital, painting, sculpture, ect, and I love writing (I have been doing both my whole life.) I am from Las Vegas NV and after having moved away for a few years, I am now back and living there currently. Some of my favorite things are: Yaoi/BL, warm and dry weather, music(of all kinds), and birds.

I guess in short-- I look forward to creating wonderful webcomics that you will enjoy through this website! :)

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@FujoshiGirls: ahahha. Can confirm! Luca has never murdered anyone. :) yet.
@theprinceofboxes: ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰ good!!! I'm so excited to share it
@Jarvi: right?? I agree. Luca, honey just you wait
@AutumnWolf20: English isn't his first language so it's a bit broken :)
@Blah2989: Poor saddest Human ever โ™กโ™กโ™ก Luca will refer to Droo as this more than once. โ™ก
Its the Saddest Human ever

WHO IS READY FOR AN ALIEN HISTORY LESSON? I'm Having a great time drawing out the next scene of this comic and if you guys want to get ahead I highly recommend -u- theres FOUR pages to catch up on, on Patreon!
This is a double update!! Be sure to check out both pages :D

Poor Drew is really at his wits end with Luca. It seems he's tried being angry, he's tried being friendly, and now he's just at a loss.

Don't worry though, Luca hates seeing Humans cry (almost as much as Drew hates crying infront of people).
@SoulRaider116: *munches lettuce :')
This page took 6 hours fucking hell.
Where Luca comes from they are the ONLY species. So eating "meat" to him would literally be eating flesh. Cannibalism. Luca is a vegetarian alien. woop.

Also, NEXT 4 PAGES (soon to be 5) are available on Patreon~
I know updates have been forever!!! Thank you for being patient with me. I need to figure out a better way to balance my time-- the problem I'm having is that I have like 6 hours a day of free time at my work now that we're slow in our winter season, HOWEVER. I uh.... Cant exactly risk drawing sex scenes in a public hotel lobby.

So i'm cranking out pages of Periwinkle Blue and struggling to find time to complete ARCO pages. And i'm sorry <3 I know its not ideal.

Anyways I hope you enjoy this page!!! Arco and Brynn are going through a lot of emotions and being awfully sentimental, arent they?
@xForeverRedx: thank you! โ™ก
@spiderwoman: ahahha poor Drew. I mean, this is an alien lifeform, it could eat flesh who knows!
Hello Everyone! I exist, yes. HEre I aM back from the dead. My trip to NYC was pretty intense and crazy!!! I had a great time but MAN that was some serious sensory overload. And my flight back home had a medical emergency on board, so what started out as an 8 hour day of travel turned into 24 hours of travel and I. WAS. EXHAUSTED. I just got home last night and was able to sleep and now Im slowly getting myself back on track here <3

I wan't to say thank you for your patience with updates this last month! I know its been a little random, but with all the cons I did so close together I just couldn't keep a schedule going. But now that I am home I dont have anything else to divide my time from you guys for a few months <3 I will be working on a pretty large winter project, updating pages, and of course, enjoying the Holidays! :)

As for now, I hope you like this page <3 Luca seems happy enough! Drew on the other hand... Boy is reaching his limits here.

NExt three pages on Patreon!
@Quadrant: Thank you!!! I will definitely have fun <3

We should give Arco a little credit here too, he's doing a good job of helping Brynn along!
I'm in NYC this weekend for ANIME NYC, if you live the area please come visit the con!! Its going to be huuuuuuugeeee <3 I am so excited.
Yes Droo, Change the subject. Yaaas Droo, try the "being nice" route to getting Luca to cooperate with you.


Also, you will see throughout this comic that Drew (when he is nervous) blows his hair out of his face <3 a cute habit
@AutumnWolf20: who gave him this right. Smh
Luca looks cute in green doesnt he? <3

Also, its nice to finally be drawing them having more conversation~

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Excuse me, that lube is out of this world.

Hey guys if you support me on Patreon you get more pages. fuckyes.