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Oh boy, where do I start? I'm not too good at condensing information about myself so lets see. I love art of all kinds; digital, painting, sculpture, ect, and I love writing (I have been doing both my whole life.) I am from Las Vegas NV and after having moved away for a few years, I am now back and living there currently. Some of my favorite things are: Yaoi/BL, warm and dry weather, music(of all kinds), and birds.

I guess in short-- I look forward to creating wonderful webcomics that you will enjoy through this website! :)

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>Insert symbolic clouds clearing as Brynn gets fucked all night long<

I'm really glad to have another page for you guys in a timely manner <3 Thanks for putting up with the dry spell!!!! I should be a little more back on track now!

Next two pages are on Patreon!
NOOOOOU, I cant wait for the next update ;;w;;
@Liv3lafLuv: omg lol "Wants to be cuddled"

I think that one might just be you ;) LOL
@Jarvi: Whuehehehe <3 <3 <3 <3 My son!
Look how Happy he made Jove! And can you see that Jove has two sets of snags? A rare alien trait!

Commander Nova really does hate public speaking. Smh.
@Jordan: your longevity as a reader is honestly so rewarding!!!! Thank you ♡
Happy Valentine's Day! This page seems oddly appropriate considering Jove is trying to get Commander Nova laid :') Poor antisocial Alien. He just wants to sleep.
@Kittykitty5: Not even sure who's you are reffering to ;)
:') I think Arco just realized he's in love with the Crouton!
Our big strong commander and he's honestly afraid of public speaking..... ahhh BB
@KaseyCass: :D that is..... odd but amazing
AKA Villia being a mother hen to his two stupid adult children, Nova and Jove. <3 <3 <3 I fucking love these characters. I know you guys don't know them very well yet, but honestly the thick-friendship-through-War thing just gets me! And LOOK AT COMMANDER SMILE <3

Nova the Leader
Villia the Medic
Jove the Brute
February 10th, 2018
Ffffff I've never been able to get Into post apocalyptic stories, but this one has me wrapped around it's little finger!!! I can't wait for the next page ♡
Transition page of Commander Nova in the war~ That shiny blob manifesting would be an "Original".
You guys can get the next. EIGHTEEN PAGES if you become a patreon ;)

And eighteen pages from now... Drew and Luca are learning a LOT about human/Alien anatomy ;)
@Liv3lafLuv: an Angry stressed Commanded is a commanded that needs love ♡
@Guest: oh no no no no. Commander Nova is 100% Father figure to Luca
@Liv3lafLuv: eeeeeiiii yesss ♡♡♡♡ I'm so glad you live him. I hope you also love Jove and Gillis. They are important boyos as well ♡♡♡
@Supernova9817: blessssss ♡♡♡♡
@Leopard248: you are so welcome!!!!! ♡♡♡ thank you for taking the time to read it.
@Quadrant: Your icon is very fitting for this comment xD