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I'm mostly just here to comment on Survivor Fan Characters while I'm off of dA for Lent. I may or may not post something eventually idk.
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@Missalice3: Technically he is, but putting that as his node felt unoriginal.
Mikah </3
Everyone else <3

Hoping for an angry redhead girl elimination this episode. I'm liking everyone else though. ^_^
Alright, Diego's growing on me.

Prussia's still an angel. Amelia's still annoying.

And hey, it's Mac's breakout comic. I have to say, I loved it. Every line he had got a laugh out of me. Plus hooray for his first reference to violence.
Spinfur <3 Yukie <3 Stagg <3 Jake <3

This cast is pretty great, I must say.
Ugh Liz better not go. Listen to Desmond people. Just vote as planned. Buddy the Adventure Penguin is cool, but Liz is cooler ;_;
So unless I'm wrong, Spin should be safe for a while. That's cool.

As for first boot, I wanna say Yukie, though I'd also believe Ivan or Diego.
Liz is an angel tbh

Jake being a massive creeper <3

Desmond stratbotting... eh.

I hope Addy doesn't go first. She's too perfect.
Buddy the Adventure Penguin forgetting which tribe he's on <3

I always did wonder why you never gave buffs to the characters. I guess after 14 seasons that idea paid off big time.

Also, if they don't know Jake exists, I'm surprised nobody's called out an apparent imbalance in numbers.

I'm wondering if Stagg might be the first boot. Guess I'll have to wait and see. :o
Okay, so Amelia can go die.

Everyone else in this comic was pretty great though.
This whole comic was just made of great moments. Adeline and Spinfur are amazing.
Hunter's definitely gaining some favor in my book. Dude's hilarious. And chewing Diego out was pretty great too. Plus him deciding Ivan and Desmond are in his alliance now. I love it. I hope he isn't an obvious first boot. :(

Prussia's alright. Very unsubtle, but I don't dislike her.

I'm already loving the humor in this season. Nice job, man.
@Vilecheese: True, but he used it when the sentence would have been just fine without it. Just a pet peeve of mine.
Yukie's growing on me already, though Diego's now on my dislike list for misusing "literally" like a teenage girl on Tumblr. I can be petty with grammar sometimes, I'll admit.

Since Prussia didn't talk at all in the last comic, it was hard to get a grasp on how I felt about her, but I think I can say with certainty now that I like her.

Jake <3
Yay, this is starting! All I can say is thank you for posting here as well as on dA so I can read it before Lent ends.

I'm already loving Jake, Thorne, and Desmond quite a bit. I think Yukie is the only one I outright dislike so far, but I think she could get better if she's not an early boot.

Either way, I have a great feeling about this season. ^_^