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Please tell me they are going to dress up like ninjas! Please.
"Red in the flesh!!!"

A little ironic that you say that now Jutopa, after getting an eyeful of his missingno earlier today.
After the flashback to when they were kids where the lab burnt down, I have grown to really like your portrayel of Gary. Kinda want to take his side here. Weird...
Oak was perfectly executed.I was in fits when he walked out the door. Ha! I'm glad you gave Ivysaur eyelashes. I found it hard to remember she was a girl at times.
Wow. Can't wait for the next page. I bet Oak's going to react hilariously when he sees this (if you do show him, that is).
Hay Cactus King! Sweet nuzlocke comic. Love how you draw oshawatt. The story looks promising. :)
Is the blonde girl Winter? I'm sorry if that's sounds a bit dumb. I read these between long periods of time.
I like it when people give a character a vibrant personality, even if they die, like, two battles later. Not many of the comics do that. I like how you draw purposefully poorly: it reminds me of the earlier comics people did.

Do you find wild pokemon or trainer battles more dangerous? Wild pokemon have always given me the most trouble.
Your art style has improved nicely, might I just say :)
I really like how you draw the flame on Moltres' head.
That's a sweet beetle dude.
I love the facial expressions in this. Good job!
Ash must be in a lot of pain right now. Poor him.
Pikachu's expression in the 4th panel... why, SaraKpn, why?
Finally. Some chestnut action.
Those mutts. They just won't learn until it's them in the traps. I'm half hoping their actions come exploding back in their face, but I'm guessing no one would like that except a certain *cough* salamander.
Enter the hypnotist.