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Glory Morgenbriese
Not much to say. I'm not really an artist -- I'm more of a writer. Currently looking for collaborators for webcomics. Must be comfortable with same-sex pairings. I won't do "romance" comics.

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Ahaha, oh Poseidon~

&Hades' face in the second panel is priceless. <3
@reverendjack: Can't say I'm familiar with it. XD -dodges rotten veggies?-
@Gibson Twist: She's a jiāngshī -- a Chinese "zombie", if I'm not mistaken.
Michelle Yeoh is still hot. Idec.
Responding to your response~
Yeah, I responded to a searchy thread of yours on Gaia or something, and we used to talk sometimes if I got up early enough. It was while you were in Korea. XD I must have accidentally deleted you when I cleaned out my buddylist. D: My handle is Morphean Moon.

On-topic: Poor, poor Romy. D: SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE NEEDS A HUG. (Or some hardcoar lesbian sex.)
Lololol, OH ROMY. You so silly, gurlfran.

And MSF is an epic webcomic. <3 My love for it was heightened greatly by the gay interracial love-interest-ness in the latest chapter.

Also, I miss talking to you on AIM. D: WHERE YOU GOOOO?
Just ordered a Thanatos 8x10! So excited~
Completely irrelevant, but...
I love that you actually give the characters GREEK clothes. So many artists would be lazy and draw them in togas, which not only looks stupid, but is historically inaccurate (togas were Roman, not Greek). Not to mention, you draw them correctly. Ahgod, I love it. *3*
The name Stavros has always made me laugh. I actually don't have any Stavroses in my family, that I'm aware of, despite it being one of the most common Greek names. We're bad Greeks, I know. XD

The li'l chibi-heads in panel one are the cutest~ And Vlad's face in the last panel is win. XD
"Louloúthia" -- nice title. D'you actually speak any Greek? O:

Wish I could get to Anime Expo and get this calendar. It looks so gorgeous. /envy
This page is SO CUTE. *3* I love Richard's shake-and-nod bit~ Guuuuuu~~ [/huggles them both] >w<
This page just broke my heart. It really did. D': I don't know which panel is the saddest, but this page is just...the picture of hopelessness and bereavement. [/dies of sad]
D'aww, poor li'l Alexander. </3 I wanna give him a big hug in the last panel.

Totally followed you on Tumblr. *3* I didn't know anyone actually used that thing. Have a good holiday!
"But not the contagious type, or I'd have cancer too, so..."


There is no problem that cannot be fixed by gyros. Except...well, maybe diseases. But only some. >.>
Aww, sorry to hear about your wrists, Nena. >: I hope they get better soon! Just concentrate on feeling better and doing whatcha gotta. I know all the HEARD fans'll agree with me when I say that, too. [/Gives glare of death to all who consider disagreeing]
I love how everyone still calls her Fugly Chicken. XD

Poor Ana. D: I hope she doesn't die.
I've been in Vlad's place before. ;3;
Also, I like his hair on this page? owo

I may not get two Christmases, but I get two Easters. XD And I'm not even Christian.
Oh noes. owo Vlad doesn't seem too happy.

I'm glad your eyes are feeling better! Have you shot anything with your crazy laser vision yet? :'D

Also, totally asked a question. I joined the forum just to do that. XD See if you can guess which is meeee~ [/Dork]
OMG Kamelot lyrics! [/Loves on you] You just won the Internet. <333
The Chunk. Lulz. It's okay, Alexander. I was the Chunk, too. [/Patpat]