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err what >.>
different style... takes a lot longer ._.

i did this page quite a while ago and just never posted it... high school leaves me no time for art... but i still want to go through with some story idea... i plan on actually scripting things out beforehand next time because this one is a mess...
XDDD her expression is like... ohtheHORROR DDD:
mecha fail OTL well i tried ;_;

what kveld would look like if it were instead about mechas and shotas except im not really into that stuff... i just wanted to draw in a different style for a change... textures by cloaks @dA

yeah school just started so im busier now but ill try to get back to the pages
@stardrop: thank you for the encouraging words *u* <3

@Resait: thanks <3 im actually fine with either so i wanted to know what others would prefer to see x)

@mayamei: wahhh youre too nice <333 and omg pchat definitely *w* !!!
dont expect this much effort on every page x_x
or even every chapter cover... if i even get to the next one hahaha

patterns by

oh yeah... her hair is actually black but i colored it brown because the black didnt work in this picture OTL

POLL! faster b&w pages or slow colored pages (like ive been doing so far)?
@Jazeki: i like rubber duckies too x) and thank you *v*

@Klona: baww thanksss <3

@ky: pffff you make awesomer swirly decorated speech bubbles *A*
the lineart is exquisite *u*
i admire your ability to draw buildings
saltwater bath
when im drawing, i think of a bunch of things to put in the author's comments box... but when i actually post the page, i forget what i wanted to say D:

sorry that this page is lazy and empty hahaha

edit: lol added some extra text to clear up confusion about something a friend pointed out
@mw: haimindy :)

@Jazeki: haha i would think so x)at least it wasnt the freezer xD

@emruki: you have merman's eternal undying gratitude hahaha X)

@ky: lawlllyou <3

^YES CLICK IT. because the page is a flash file and non-donaters cant upload swf files so i resort to circuitous methods orz... unless someone wants to get me a donater code thing lol...

anyways i apologize if this comic is turning out more retarded than you were expecting... try not to take the plot too seriously haha...

and once again, thank you (yes all 80+ of you) for your support
i will try not to disappoint :)
baww i like your art alot; its very bright and cheerful *u*
@E.Redemption: why thank you *u* hmm yeah thats true ill go tone down the bg then x)

@sosenka_va: haha thanks i will <3

@BooksRcrack: i sorta wanted the bg to resemble little waves x) and thank you *3* <3

@kateison: aww thanks <333
lol first panel "ill touch whatever i want" XD

the expressions of all the characters are so amusing x)
sankyu sankyu
i'm a little late with this, but i wanted to thank everyone who has supported this so far <3

ill be leaving for vacation tomorrow, but ill try to finish a page or two and set it on one of those future/automatic update things :)

edit: fasdfghjk D< so only donaters can post swf files boooo D< because the next page was a flash interactive... now i need to find somewhere to host it because photobucket doesnt host swfs anymore either RAWR
bawww lapis is so thoughtful x)

the pages show up fine for me o_o
@u@ ah this comic is so cute <3
i cant draw backgrounds at all so you have my utmost admiration xD

and lol at the plushies xD i used to have a giant charmander one *u*
i really like the new guys design *u*
your art is lovely *u*

i love how you did that first panel, with the perspectiveyness and the sheets flapping in the wind *v*
@DragonHat: thanks :D and yeah i was sorta leaning towards that other banner too, but i wondering if people would find it annoying haha

@Probie: bawwww thank you youre too nice x) <3

@ichiberri13: haha yeah i was trying to make it look underwater

@Cropcircledesigner: i think its because i drew the tail too squishy/lumpy XD

@sosenka_va: kvelol? orz i think ill go change the font OTL and yeah imma put him on a diet xD

@Tayday12: awww thanks <3 ill try my best to keep up with updates :D