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Teal Talonflame
I love most things Nintendo and keep my head the clouds quite often. Not much else to say.
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I don't want to be that person, but you may want to check panel two.
>Add some color to the white space
Was it a spider?
Dang, where were those flowers when you need them?
Are those three Houndoom, Mightyana, and Minun?
Woah, wait, that little Spheal has Arbok stripes? How?
Relax and get some health back, but not for too long.
You know battlestarX's comment looks pretty promising.
>Get out of there. If that spider finds out what's on that sword, your in trouble. Plus there's no telling how many others are in there.
>Check and wrap your foot with webs. Don't need an infection now, right?
Backstab that Zoroark.
>Use range to your advantage. If you get caught again, well, I wouldn't want to be you.
>No, you have more dignity than that. Kill him instead. He was going to kill you, wasn't he?
Yeah, Miz, from what I heard ghosts are bad for digestion.
> Bolt one way or the other, just don't get caught.
Blow the whistle.
So... Did we get a Game Over?
Squish roach as payback.
Check on Kyr.