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My name is Sharon, 20 y/o. I'm addicted to ice tea and I'm socially awkard so if you can make me sure that you don't hate me we can be good friends. If we like the same things, I probably already like you lol
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He def knows how to handle his feelings
These days I've been drawing a lot bc of my second webcomic and I'm really tired lol
Heey! Sorry to bother you here, but I wanted to let you know that I'm also drawing another webcomic now. Sadly, I won't publish it here bc the pages should be read one after another, like a big long page. I can't do that on Sj so I'll write here the link to Tapastic and Webtoon if you're interested!
See you tomorrow with KIL ^^
Why should I study for my exams when I can draw? lol
Actually I've been really busy bc I'm drawing TWO COMICS LOL And they take lots of my time, that's why the second one will be online only when I reach a good amount of pages lol Look forward to it! The art is better than this since I can take my time lol
You cannot understand what real happiness is until you have the physical copy of Obnoxious Hero-kun in your hands lol If you don't know this comic, GO READ IT NOW BUY IT LOVE IT
Just askin' for a friend
Oh well
@Yoowl: You're welcome lol
Always there for you my friend lol
I'm only updating once per week because I'm trying to draw a one-shot (with a different story). I want to see at what level I am right now. I can't really see it with KIL because I kinda have a deadline lol With that one-shot, I don't. Look forward to it! And sorry if I don't always reply to your comments but I really appreciate each one of them!
Ehi, that's rude
And that's it for today! I hope I'm gonna be able to update at least once per week. Thanks for being here even though I'm a bad author lol
Getting better at drawing books lol
I'm really sorry about the hiatus! I had exams, I have no wifi at home and I had my tablet a few days ago. As a "I'M SORRY" gift, more pages are on the way!
The human body is so difficult lol
I'm going to update once a week because now I have to study again. I hope I'll be able to draw ;;
I'm sorry, I come up with that at 4 am
Cute even with bed hair lol
Idk if I'll able to update tomorrow, so I'm gonna do it now lol
Hi I'm just leaving this here bye lol
@Shyguyhoneylover: It would be a really awkward one lol