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My name is Sharon, 22 y/o. I'm addicted to ice tea and I'm socially awkward so if you can make me sure that you don't hate me we can be good friends. If we like the same things, I probably already like you lol
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I'm going to start a Patreon in a couple of days!
Oh, hey lol
Just to let you know, I love him
People who follow me on Twitter already saw his face like one month ago, just to let you know lol
Hi, sorry, it's not a page lol
I just wanna let you know that I decided to fix the first chapter bc I hated it lol I mean, I already did it. You can look at it if you want. Now I'm feeling better lol
Also, I fucked up bc I decided to remove one page so now comments don't match the page, I'm a genius lol
See you on Sunday!
Aah I'm already sick of uni lol
Andrea's had enough of your shit Mizuiro.
BTW, SURPRISE. Maybe you think this is a "Valentine's day update" but today it is also my birthday! lol So, in the amazing world of internet, I'm the one who's giving you a present lol Happy birthday to you all! lol
I'm really sorry for the delay. These days I'm really busy bc of uni. Also, I'm sick lol But I managed to draw something somehow
Here we are lol
Oh well lol
I'm sorry if I didn't answer to your comments, I always appreciate them! Now I'm a bit more free so hopefully I can draw and answer more lol
Hey hey!
I was able to draw a page of KIL but I'm studying every hour of every day lol I'll be "free" on February. That's why I'm not publishing new chapters of "Suddenly", because there I usually add longer chapters and I have no time, I'm sorry!
Btw, only one page left to the end of the chapter ^^
Second page!
Okay, I decided to add these two pages so you will not wait too much. Only two pages until the end of the chapter. I hope I'll be able to draw them soon because I'm still studying lol I hope you had a great day!
Plus, let's all appreciate the Extreme makeover of Kaito from page 06 to now lol
And thank you for your comments and patience ^^
An over-confident Mizuiro to wish you all a Merry Christmas!
I'm publishing it today instead of Wednesday to celebrate!
Plus, I'm sorry about the bad news but I won't probably update next week bc I really need to study lol Have a nice day!
We're almost at the end of this chapter uggggh
He def knows how to handle his feelings
These days I've been drawing a lot bc of my second webcomic and I'm really tired lol
Heey! Sorry to bother you here, but I wanted to let you know that I'm also drawing another webcomic now. Sadly, I won't publish it here bc the pages should be read one after another, like a big long page. I can't do that on Sj so I'll write here the link to Tapastic and Webtoon if you're interested!
See you tomorrow with KIL ^^