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My name is Sharon, 20 y/o. I'm addicted to ice tea and I'm socially awkard so if you can make me sure that you don't hate me we can be good friends. If we like the same things, I probably already like you lol
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The human body is so difficult lol
I'm going to update once a week because now I have to study again. I hope I'll be able to draw ;;
I'm sorry, I come up with that at 4 am
Cute even with bed hair lol
Idk if I'll able to update tomorrow, so I'm gonna do it now lol
Hi I'm just leaving this here bye lol
@Shyguyhoneylover: It would be a really awkward one lol
Aaand this is the end of chapter one!
We're almost at the end of the chapter! Only one page left. Wow, I didn't give up. That's quite an accomplishment lol
"Must not kill"
This page is almost empty so I'm gonna update it now lol
@Diabolical Madness: Ooh THANK YOU. I really appreciate the time you took to write me this, thanks <3
He's so childish and pure
@M-24: Oh snap indeed lol
@Diabolical Madness: My cinnamon roll deserved it lol
@Shyguyhoneylover: It had to be done lol
What a long speech lol
@CuteMissyCat: I'm happy to make you laugh with my stupid jokes lol
@CuteMissyCat: Actually I'm at university so it was my horrible choice ahah And thank you!
New cover!
@Kwildshine: Ahahah I'm glad it did!