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Dear Dad, I have spent over 10 years and $94,000 putting together my mosquito costume and now I am pleased to announce that I have become a mosquito. The costume is quite realistic and I have even attached bladders to the nose thing so that I can suck up liquids when I puncture them...with my nose thing. I could be buzzing all around you on a hot summer day and you wouldn't even recognize me as your son-child, you would just think, "Get away, mosquito." From my point of view, you would be 3,000 dads because of the way I've designed the eyeballs. I might be saying, "Dad it's me, Dad it's me" but you wouldn't be able to understand my language because of its buzzing. I am also into plastics now and I am making plastic tubes that you can suck liquids through; kind of like my mosquito nose, but used for different reasons. Hope you're doing well at camp. See you soon.
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Armless Amy isn't over yet!
The epilogue revealing the ultimate fate of the main characters will be published on March 1st.

See you then, dear readers!
"Thanks for being my friend.
I will never forget you."
Farewell, Amy.
See you, Amos.
@Eeveeisthebest: I must confess that at the very beginning, both names were chosen at random...
@AbbyTheCat65: Amos is vanishing...
@RegQuilava: Thanks! Maybe one day I will make a sequel :D
@AbbyTheCat65: Hi, Abby!

Things will take an unexpected turn from this point...
This is the final chapter of the series before the epilogue:
End of Chapter 25.
We are back. J9Avho3ZGjC4GghY2&index=7
This comic is going to take a small break for holidays.

The next update will be on December 27.

See you!
@AbbyTheCat65: Don't worry, she'll be fine :)
@AbbyTheCat65: Hi, Abby!

Yeah, the works of David Firth were a major inspiration for me at the moment of creating this comic.