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The seeds of doubt have been set.
I hired more gays for the ranch.
He's like their love child, southern hospitality but goth.
u save yer butt hole for marriage, obviously.
I mean if they keep the underwear on it'll be like a pool or whatever. But they already saw each other naked before, so idk if modesty is still worth attempting.
strip em down I guess.
January 11th, 2017
bananas, the most common of bar foods.
Is his black haired friend deadd orrr somethinggngg??? ;o;
duddee, you're not really saving water standing there staring at his bum.
He's gonna get an infection in that leg, dang.
Pollutes towns water supply.
Welp, you almost killed his horse, and your legs gonna get hella infected. Omg >A<
It's a wedding planner ad- whoops, how'd that get in there???
He broke his leg, the horse, and his buddies trust all in one go. Dang, I bet the vet bill's coming out of his labor too. He's gonna live on this farm forever at this rate.
You're gay? No lolo. We're both pacifists :D no homo bro.
Dang, they get into school early.
So is Jenna a lesbian?
December 21st, 2015
Good job not telling him you probably have more than one shower in your mansion ass house Ellis.
He got teen zoned.
A text from your murderer goth boyfriend??