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Made a side account to hide old comics, yes, good.
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All I can think of is this twitter post and i'm worried for him:
February 12th, 2018
@Ralend: Dissociative Identity Disorder. Batman's talking to Bruce right now. But the one that hurt Jack isn't batman. :000
February 3rd, 2018
@Hfhfh: Yeah, sorry. I update more frequently on this site:
*hoots hollers*
Kissing contest, wowiee
November 26th, 2017
@toungedd: I'm just reposting it here. You can read it all on tapas (there's a link on the comics profile). I had the original original comic here but deleted the pages so I could put the new ones up. It use to have a different start for 6 or so pages. ;o;
November 21st, 2017
I'm usually half crying over randos crying, i'm a mess.
I want to say the song they're dancing to is: whitney Houston- I wanna dance with somebody.
But that would be awfully gay.
They've already seen each other naked twice so what's a few tongue swipes between bro-nohomos
*finds him in the trash*
@WarriorNun: Ohhh, shit. Yeah, Make him choose.
I see where this is going, but if he doesn't kiss blondie it'll still be entertaining.
The seeds of doubt have been set.
I hired more gays for the ranch.
He's like their love child, southern hospitality but goth.
u save yer butt hole for marriage, obviously.
I mean if they keep the underwear on it'll be like a pool or whatever. But they already saw each other naked before, so idk if modesty is still worth attempting.
strip em down I guess.
Is his black haired friend deadd orrr somethinggngg??? ;o;