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I am a geek for science fantasy stuff like 40k!
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By the Greater Goods!
Thanks for answering True_Darius! Totally, unexpected!
I'm doing sketches and amateur drawings in my spare time so pretty pleeaase tell when is Next Fanart session? I wanna give it a go!

ps - POTATO splatter all over her dress and face... mmmm, delicious...
Thank You True_Darius
I have been following your webcomic for 5+ years now and I love it! This is my very 1st comment though but I have some questions both comic related and unrelated

Non comic
Is it difficult managing creating a comic and life?
What do you use to create and draw out these scripts?
How did you create this website?

How long do you intend to make this comic go on?
Do you make stuff up as they go or is it planned?

Sorry, I just realised both question types are still kinda comic related. Sorry for long comment have some greater goods!