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Managing time better = more lines in the comic. More lines = looks slightly better than less lines. Looks slightly better than less lines = good!
September 22nd, 2007
I'm sorry for the low quality; school work is getting to me. It's taking large amounts of time.
If you couldn't tell from the date or the slightly different artistic style, this is an old sketch of mine. Once again, I apologize for not being able to update. I'm really overloaded right now and I need to get back on track.
I deny it. :P
Because you didn't expect it. :P
Wayfarer gave me this idea. Thank him.
You can thank my friend for adding that caption in. That is not my handwriting.
Looks like the scanner burped on a few places. But all in all, I like this sketch. It took me a few days to do it.
Yeah, that's true as well. Though harder for me to draw.
Just for clarification, "mushrooms" was a nondescript word when I chose it. The second meaning was totally unintentional. But it's funnier this way. :P
I'm pretty sure I didn't draw those bola accurately, and I'm pretty sure he's using them wrong, but h***, I'm BORED in my math class. An image my friend showed me led to that design for the bola:

NOTE: If you missed today's main comic, go back a strip.
Flip flops are LOUD. That being said, they are still my first choice for footwear for obvious reasons. The only downside is that, whenever I'm late for a class and running through the halls, I have the tenancy to make a LOT of noise. And I mean a LOT. Small freshmen cower in fear. More susceptible teachers keel over in pain. Various insects flee into wall cavities. Still, I love my flip-flops.

A note on the comic, I could NOT draw parallel lines when I drew it. Nothing at all wanted to line up. So if it looks a little funky, that's why.
Thank you!

CC, would you post on the reader survey on the news page please? I'm trying to get an idea of how many people read this.
Chins are for the weak!

Aaaaanyway, yeah, his head was messed up. Another fun fact: I screwed up the lettering on this one and, if you look closely, the word "eat" is not aligned correctly. :P so hah!
I was afraid people wouldn't. The TV the son is looking at should say 4K+ DEAD, 400k IRAQI CIVILIANS
Thank you for the constructive criticism!
If you can't read what he's saying, it's "Tickle THIS." I probably should've drawn a shotgun and not a pistol, but hey, it was cooler to draw in my opinion. :P
If you don't get this, go here, but at your own risk:
Because it's a takes a while to color it properly, and if I did that, I would've just made it a comic. It's a lot easier just to scan and post.
This idea came from a time when I was talking about using long division manually to do my homework, when suddenly one of my friends jumped up and said "I don't NEED long division to defeat YOU!" It was hilarious. And thus, this sketch was inspired.