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Time Tame
We are a couple of lovers. We work togheter. I create the story, the plot, the characters, and my girlfriend Ilaria does the drawing work: every beautiful page you can see with your eyes is due to her hard work!
It's amazing to create a webcomic togheter with somebody you love. <3
Gil is not funny. Not at all. Hehehe.
If weapons would appear in a person's hand when in danger, in real life too, humanity will be already extinct, lol.
Woah! It's like a treasure hunt! :D
The leader is finally choosed! :D Congratz, Like!
I'm sorry.
Sorry but i cannot guarantee a regular update of the english version. Even if we have already some material, we often have not so much time to translate. Before this two pages, 30 days passed without any update.
We are really sorry. We will do your best to serve you the best updates in the future.
Elettra is hiding something...?
So, Ucronia is not just a name given by chance...
The truth about Gil's powers is revealed.
Brett's face is the best piece about this page.
A jetpack? Sure Gil is a dreamer O:
A little bit of new information about Gil :D
Yeah. Gil is absolutely OP.
I had to resize a little the page this time because of annoying smackjeeves maximum size for the jpg page.
I could have used a bigger page but i should have decrease quality.
This is the best compromise i managed to reach. I hope the description are not so small for your eyes.
New pages coming in some hours. Sorry for the delay. To translate this page was a real pain in the ass! Ahah
The next page will reveal some curios information about our heroes' new equipment ;3
Soooo... did you recognize those app's names? Yes, they are the "fakes" names of some famous games for smartphone.
College Idol Party it's my all-time favourite game, yeah.
@'Ryn: ... i didn't think about that. Because when i read it, i always read "Fuchs" and not "Fachs" like "Fucks". LOL.
Now i understand why you told me these things X°°D But i agree with you, she is too much scary, no one could harass her because of her last name :3
Ready for a new chapter? It seems that being visualized by Ucronia grants you a few more cool apps!
YES!!! NEW MYSTERIOUS APP! What will happen in the next chapter? Get ready for a brief tutorial XP
It seems it's impossible for Gil to stop teasing Brett hehe.
@Ubax: That is a good tought!
Actually as you'll see in the next page is possible, BUT in chapter 4 you'll see that being stabbed by someone else triggers a "malus" on the one stabbed... You'll see in a bunch of pages what i mean!