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I am ace, use mostly female pronouns, am queer. I like to draw, for fun. I love other people's art and have been binging on webcomics. I like illustration, art galleries and exhibitions, reading, books, English Lit.
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Fishies! I love the aquarium. For reasons other than this, but this is a great reason to love aquariums and fish. I love the analogy- the strange and wonderful sea creatures mirroring the myriad of possible variation in people. I like the feeling of water everywhere in this one. And the coming across of one's self as a reflection, just there, waiting. This is lovely. I like the commentary, the words are really great here.
I love these seal panels, I liked them when I saw the preview and I like them now. Their expressions are so seal-y!
Second panel
Also, just a comment on the second panel on this page, because it deserves a comment. It's simple, clear, and beautiful. It shows us the temperature (the puff of breathe, which is amazing), the atmosphere (that smile), and the sense of achievement (the pause to smile), the sense of the end of a shift (tired but satisfied). Brilliant.
I don't really have a comment here. This one makes me sad, for reasons beyond the comic. I love the story and the art, as usual. The art is really nice here, the colouring and light changes, and I like the story being happy (as usual, again, you're a total star). I loved the views of the character's face. And how happy and confident their body language is. You convey so much. I love this one a whole lot, a huge amount. Thank you for this.
July 19th, 2015
I love the fish
The panels with the fish and the water are lovely, especially the first one. I like the contrast of cold winter set against the promise of the spring, and the warmth of the home and the bear. The story's very sweet.
@MasterLoki: my favourite headcannon is Sam and Santiago gardening together, cooking together, and Santiago trying to help make potions. Also, going for a run on full moon and tiring Santiago out and then Santiago curling up round Sam so they can sleep comfy in the forest.
I was saving this for when I had time to properly appreciate it, but finally found a good window of time and it was worth the wait. I am with your other commenters, the dragon is the best part of this entire thing. His (their?) expression is just brilliant. Very enjoyable, as always.
Sitting on a roof looking at the stars. Beautiful ending. These two are lovely, super great. I like the picture on this page, too, the promise of a bright future! I already have headcannons about them and they're going to have loads of fun stories going on in my head. Thanks so much for them!