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Yay! And some advice to another person
Bucky_Weasel2, I don't know what medium she really uses, but it doesn't matter what medium one uses to make a nuzlocke, just dedication, practice, and time. Judging from her current style I'd say she may have draw rough sketches on paper then drawn over it using photoshop or some other draw-able program.

As for the two new pages, I'm just grateful to know you haven't completely died out. When I first found this webcomic I thought it wouldn't update anymore and was sad about that. But now that I know that you truly just have lots of things in the way and that you LOVE doing it and won't ever completely abandon it like so many other Nuzlockes, well... Lets just say I'll faithfully check for new pages every now and then. I may even go back and re-read the previous pages to comment on them. See you when you have time to get new pages, whenever that may be.