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Not sure what to say here...

I live in the USA. I was in collage at age 14, but it didn't work out. I have 2 wonderful (if diabolical and posessed of machiavellian intallects) children.

I've been developing my srt style for 16 years, since WAY before the anime fad.

I'm also almost completely blind. I know that's wierd for a webcomic artst. Don't ask me how I draw, 'cause I honestly don't know. I can only see maybe 2 inches of screen at a time lol.

Sp here I am lol! I hope you enjoy my stories!
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    Cassidy Dunning
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Still Alive (by John Coultan)
Ok, I'm back after several years. I can't promise I'll update as regularly as I used to, I'm going to try for one a week for now.

What happened... I'll keep the story as short and non drama-ish as possible, but please bear with me.

My brother died. The day after I drew this page in fact When he did I forgot I was alive for almost two years. I mean that literally, the two year anniversary came around and I honestly thought it had been a month.

Sometime during then, I honestly can't remember when, I got a job playing World of Warcraft and writing guides for it. "great!" you say, "A job playing video games, what's the problem?", good question! The answer is playing a game for 16 hours a day for 2 years strait with LITERALLY 3 days off the whole time. I mean working through Christmas and my kid's birthdays.

Right about the time that ended my new baby came and we all know how much time that takes up.

So to those of you that are still here after what, 4 years? You have my deepest gratitude. You probably have no idea just how sincerely I mean that.

Well my job is over and and I'm back, AND I'm alive! So here's hoping the story can go on!
OK, so I've been gone more than a year.

I'll make a post very soon explaining why, for those of you who still check back now and again.

See you soon!
That's Vincent's father, Gygory di Sipria. See pages 9 and 10 for his intro.

He's a crazy old man, recently turned. He was alright as a man, but didn't take to the change into a vampire well, and has gone off his rocker.
If it seems like Gygory in the lower right doesn't have a shadow, you're right. He doesn't. He also has no reflection. That's not common amongst Vampires, only a few.

I tried to make it look like Gygory was melting out of the back wall, materialising his clothes as he goes. I dunno if I'm happy with it or not.

Also, about the penis. I know some of you will be offended, but please think about this. If it were a breast, would you still complain? I dunno what he would do with a breast in his crotch, but you never know!
Sorry I've been gone.
No "I'm back!" fanfaire this time. Truthfully I have no clue when I'll be updating. Hopefully soon, but I said that twice before now didn't I >.<

Tho those that asked, the reason I haven't updated in forever is because my daughter took it upon herself to break my tablet, and being a poor artist type I couldn't just go out and buy another, or a scanner or anything really. I'm back now because I fixed my tablet, on my own I might add! But being a parent and whatnot is still taking up the lion's share of my time.

So I'll be trying to update regularly again, but no promises lest I embarass myself further.

Anyway, to those of you still around, thankyou. To those not here anymore, you can't see this anyway! lol


Ooh! Lovely flip!
March 21st, 2006
Heh heh, I like the horse!

I can't tell if he's blowing her hair for fun, or for spite, but either way I like it!
Well I'm back! (for good I hope this time...)

It's been more than a month since I updated... THankyou for remembering I'm here!
He's a Vampire. It's all about the style baby!

An protecting the bahoogies...
Thankyou. I'm on the mend now, but it's been a very hard two weeks.
My apologies for the very late update... I am so sick I can't draw streight.

I'm prolly going to edit this one when I'm feeling better.

To all the wonderfull people that have commented while I've been gone, I'll reply to everyone as soon as I can. Thankyou all so much for your support. Maybe I'm a baby, but every single comment is gold to me, and I cherish them all.
January 20th, 2006
Titania is just one name for the concept of the queen of the fae.

That concept has many names in many cultures, but basically you answered my question *cheesy grin*
January 19th, 2006
Is she Titania?
Another fine page! I am alwase amazed at how well you pull off greyscale... It's like you color it fully, then filter it to greyscale...

It took me a minuite to get it!

I don't think that's creepy, but then again I'm a voyeur...
Lol I don't know if being Walter's pet would be an ENTIRELY bad thing...
January 18th, 2006
Because you asked, the scientific name of the Moose is "Alces alces"

WHy that has anything to do with Zooanthropes I have no idea lol