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I love dragons (httyd), mlp, transformers, pokemon, fnaf and horses, and more! I love comics and reading them. And you can't forget about drawing and music!
Merry Christmas to all of you!
No updates/pages till 2017
and new characters are about to appear! Whooo! Finally! Right?
I kinda begged my mom to let me on computer just to upload the next page... Had fever for last 3 days :(
I hope it will be better.... Merry Christmas to all of you!
And you can see new shading style up there on Cap btw ^^
Im still missing some brushes i had so i can't really do it the same way i used to....
So for those who are still interested in TLotL-
The comic will continue,
The reason why i left it hanging on without any update/s is because my memory disc on computer died, and i had to start from the bottom/beginning with everything- programs, files, music, life- no more photos, no more memories.
Soooooooo the pages ,,should,, be every Friday, but if i have a busy week, it will be on Saturdays
December 6th, 2016
This is getting really interesting! Can't wait for the next page!
@Johng994: Thank you very much ^^
That makes me glad to post new pages!
For better quality, cuz u can zoom it there:
Oops i forgot to post it here
But you can see the improvement, right?
-artstyle change
So sorry for not uploading anything the whole holidays (for those who still reads this, my style will be a bit different)
Ima adding this page before the Friday cuz i wont have THE time xD
Well.... Updates WILL be on Fridays from now on, ok?
Im back? After like 2 or 3 weeks of no update and Im sorry. I had school (as always) and i faced no internet (rip me). So the updates will AGAIN be either on Thursdays or Fridays.
Im sorry but my wi-fi collapsed... Literally died. Im so sorry for not posting anything >e<
Im late AGAIN. Sorry. But u see its 1st April...... UM..... Also this is somewhat different from what i usually do..... I used pencil :3
NOT late.
Just dont be late, i screamed. And its a miracle! Yay. But i gotta say : Poor Neveera. Being ignored is wrong thing.... I ll tell u that :O
I apologize for being late..... And that there wasnt any update last week. I was at skiing trip. Sorry.
Im a little late.... Well heheh... What can i say? :3
Going well so far...
I had nice day today. Enjoy this freakinĀ“ page! xD
So next week ill have holidays, so maybe ill do more then im supposed to :D
A-a-a-anyway, see the character in this page and the previous one? My beloved character called Neveera! She is one of my favs ( from all of my characters :P )!