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Though I used to hand draw my comics, I found that to be long, boring, and tedius, so I soon discovered the world of sprite comics. Which is how I do my comics now.
Yeah, thats me on the left!
Oh, I have GOT to use this somewhere!
Yeah, don't use jet boots in confined spaces!
Yup, right off the bat I mess up.
This could honestly be the new "Far Side"
ZMG Birdo!
I think I'm going to be sicky-wicky!
I love the BFM Racing Server on Halo!
Sorry for the one panel, but I had jury duty that day, and after spending half the day for NOTHING I felt so tired I only felt like doing one panel
I could barely read Knux's text over the Earth.

Finally someone told him!
It's just funny seeing a robot saying "Oh snap!"
If it used sound, then just fire a high-frequency blast of sound at it.
August 10th, 2007
Best do as he says!
August 10th, 2007
4Th Wall, LOL!