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Please stop using my character


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I really didn't have to do this.


Really, how much ire have I gained from my... 7 years of being on this site? Damn, i'm old. But seriously, I did NOT expect making this comic JUST to drive the message into some thick skulls.

Everyone moves on. Everyone grows up. I'm nearly 21 years old, for Christ's sakes. And having to tell someone older to NOT use my character, only to get shamed and be told that I have a victim complex? HONESTLY?! How wrong is that to be told that when you just want to protect your characters?!

To those who shamed me, parodied my characters, think you're the better person, grow the fuck up. Letting you use my characters does NOT mean you have free reign to change them or portray them in a negative light.

Shitpost comic or not, troll or not, I don't care. You have tread over them. I NEVER wanted my characters- and in extension me- made fun of. Yes, this may SEEM selfish, but that's borderline cyberbullying. And I am NOT having that. I will NEVER have that.

Seriously, I am not someone who can just go with the damn flow. I decided to quit sprite comics because I need a god damn break from this toxic spriters community.

Yes, toxic. And no WONDER why spriting is dying here, because you guys DRIVE POTENTIAL SPRITERS AWAY. You guys be mean to them, drive them away. It's so closeted.

Again, to those who shamed me, parodied my characters, think you're the better person: stop trying to make me think I have no will over my characters. Because I do.

Now if you excuse me, I have a life to take care of. Again, I did NOT expect making this comic just to say what's on my mind. Because honestly, a good amount of you guys have pushed me far enough.

And to those who had stood by me for a long time, thank you for helping me through these times. It really did help, really.
I leave for five days and my character already gets flack for losing.

Whoever's like "Good job, Bre sucks anyways" or "Bre shouldn't have won anyways", PLEASE do note that this was planned because of my leave from this site. No grudges on the characters here. It's all in good fun, not to gauge on whoever's character is the best.

So please, don't use my characters for wrong, and don't use ANY characters for wrong.
Btw thanks the owner of Malice for making that one face. Appreciate it!
Sorry, I lost confidence and then regained it and then I became lazy and now I'm back.

So, Malice is trying to intimidate Bre for next round, will she shrug it off or will she die a horrible, Mortal Combat-esque death? Stay tuned?!
Bre: "What the actual fuck."
Insert edgy "this comic is ded" comment here.
The punching bad probably smells of weed, so it's probably not good...
We'll see, bro.
<img src=" zisi.png">
Welp, they're done too.
@Shakes: Gata was just weak lol
You know what they say: the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy.
He probably will, I mean look at Zack
@plokman: So does that mean SAZ is actually a necklace?