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I vanished for awhile and only just got to read this ending. I'm reminded how much I enjoy your art style and writing. The Maple Effect and Arco have been very meaningful to me. I'm looking forward to reading TME again in physical copy when it's out.
Congratulations!I hope that it's a wonderful day for both of you!
Congratulations to you the winners!!!
Ahhh, my mum lent me her lap top...I've just been so busy. I'm gonna think up some cute writings and work on them tomorrow.

These two boys make me so happy, just look at them. <3 thank you so much for making your comics<3
Arco is so worried, I hope after this experience will help them, open up to each other.
Also, Russel to the rescue! Really looking forward to hearing more of his story, I know it's likely going to be sad but I'm preparing for that.
Wonderful as always~<3
Ahhh, your stories always make me happy. Just the interactions and everything, you put your soul into these boys and it shows!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday and good luck for the new year!
Wonderful as always!~<3
Ahhh, was gonna call it a night and something told me to check in here one more time before bed.
So worth it.

Wonderful as always~<3 and thanks again for sending out the Christmas cards!!! I love them all so much!
Oohh, so beautiful!
Ahhh, this was nice to come home to!<3 Three pages I got to read, also a glorious thing to be greeted with! Your comics make my day often, thank you so much! These sweet boys are a joy to see, getting closer together, so adorable! Reading this makes me want to go to the aquarium again, it's been to long.
Wonderful as always!~<3
December 9th, 2015
Awww, these boys are the sweetest!
Ohhh, I love the sea side views in this so much! This is such a sweet romantic breakfast date, but then these two are a very sweet couple. Arco's eyes are pretty, but I'm in love with Brynn's eye color, it matches his hair and personality so well! Oh, these boys. <3
Wonderful as always~<3!
Oh my gosh, this page<3! I love everything about it, the first panel showing off their heights. Brynn is so small, I can just see Acro sweeping him up effortlessly! I'm sure Brynn would complain about it, at first and then secretly love it.
Brynn's grumpy face and Arco's smile. *melts* I love these two!
Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately, I have been keeping up with both your lovely comics!
Wonderful as always~<3!
When you binge read a whole, wonderful, adorable, comic and then reach the update....
This is so awesome, I look forward to more!
Oooh, very pretty page! I really love your comics!
Wonderful as always~<3
Ohh, what a wonderful idea! I was thinking, when I first saw him, the cutie from Aaron's past story, wondering if you would give us any back story on him~<3
Ohh, shiny update.
Sugar by Wanderhouse (That's a go to for me, all of her covers are very good, but she only has three songs right now.)
Vienna teng, anything by her, just about all of it is good, just depends on your taste.
I agree with Mika, those songs are always fun.
Also, owl city, if you like kinda odd, but really fun songs.
I hope this was at least a little helpful, I'm not sure what kind of music you like but I know a lot of amazing songs that I just love to share, I just don't want to bombard you more then I already have ;p
Thanks for the wonderful page!
Ohhh, the long haired beauty makes his appearance, I've been waiting for this moment!
@ered: Well, I don't know, I'll look at it and see if I can fix it without messing it up to much.
Sorry it took me so long to reply.
& I'm sorry, it's
Blessed be
I was thinking about it, and realized that the little short story I submitted had something very wrong with the plot fixing it now I suppose; it is just suppose to be cute, but for me the mistake is huge; ruined my whole idea and I was looking at the panels while writing it. Because I didn't want to make a goof.
Good luck everyone~!
Blessed be