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King is quite modest. Right?
I wonder what is he doing behind that cape...
Uh... i am a middle child and i am almost 23 years old. My younger brother is younger than me by only 18 months. So i can't say that it has ever been novelty having him around. But even if we have some times when we are tired of each other i would not allow ANYONE to hurt him. Oh and i admit that i never lived the novelty of having a younger sister since in my familly we are 3 brothers.
Sorry for my outburst in my previous post. It just i really hate when parents act like jerks with their children. I do have a good point when i said that if Shadow had not challenged Shade none of would have happened.
Metal Sonic is more tough than i expected.
Dark Sonic, i suppose?
Eggman, or as prefer to name him Dr. Robotnik, has a plan that include converting Sonic? Oh oh...
Jonny Quest? Who's that?
I think either "very screwed" or "Epic screwed" fit more the situation.
So what's the name of the site with a lot of Backgrounds?
Doesn't Sonic risk blowing before that?
Oh... my... i found Someone else who don't like Bowser!
First Kirby now Yoshi?! WHY?
No! Not Kirby! WHY?!!
WOW... Impressive!
Ok... "Sounds the plothole alarm" There i did it.
Shadow lucky... because i would have killed him, then revived him then kill him, then revive him, ect.... and that is not even 1% of what i would do to him!!!!! IT'S ALL SHADOW'S FAULT! HE WANTED THIS ****ING CHAOS DUEL AND IF HE DIDN'T GOES SO POWERFUL THEN SHADE WOULD NEVER WOULD USED CHAOS INFERNO! HE SAYS HIS SON IS A FREAK OF NATURE WHEN HE HIMSELF WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO EXIST! I PLAYED THE SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG GAME AND I AM A FAN OF SHADOW MYSELF BUT THIS IS DISGUSTING!!!! (I have nothing against the author btw)
I wonder, does Nega have better robots? Maybe in reserve?