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I am a student who lives in the UK. I'm interested in music, drawing, anime/manga etc and painting.

Check out my website for all my latest work and I now have an Etsy shop where I will be selling illustrations!

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Ahhh just been on holiday for a few weeks hopefully back to posting again! xxx
Apologies for the long Hiatus!
Sorry for such a long break in updates to all you faithful readers! My first year of University was more hectic than expected. Now it's summer I plan on continuing with One Last Request! Can't wait to start the next chapter please keep reading thanks!! xxx
Ahhh finally updated! I'm home for Christmas so will hopefully have lots of time to update! Sorry for the complete lack of updates and thanks if your still reading! xxx
Ahhhh it's been so long since I have updated! Now I have my lecture timetable I think updates will change, they may be a bit random for a bit while a find a new routine! Thank you everyone for your patience!

Sorry there have been a lack of updates, I have been moving to University and so much has been going on, but things should be back to normal now. Yay!

Sorry I haven't posted in like a week! I've had no time whatsoever. Anyways finally updated yay!

I'm posting tomorrow's strip today as I am going on holiday tonight! So no updates for two weeks sorry!! Thanks for all your support :D it keeps me drawing!

Thought I wasn't gonna be able to post today, our internet has been down recently, but it's working now :D Thanks for all your lovely comments and I did use watercolour for the previous filler with some white ink too! Thanks for reading!

Probably won't be able to post on Friday, and definately won't be able to post next week as I am going away! Thanks for reading ^-^

I have this MAJOR project to finish at college for next week so I couldn't manage a comic today, I'm not sure about next week either, but hopefully I'll find some time to work on it : )!!

No comic strip today sorry! Just a big thank you to all those who have faved and read this comic :D xxxxxx
Hiya! I'm thinking about selling some of my past fillers for about £20 each. Some of the recent ones I need for a bit, but might sell them later! Would anybody be interested? PM me if you are and which one.

Thanks for reading! xxxxx
Ahh sorry no comic strips this week! Had university interviews!!! So heres a filler I found that I did ages ago and forgot to post hehe

Woah I finally updated! Sorry for the long wait! I've had so much going on with school work etc it's been impossible to try and do extra stuff. Thanks for the patience and for reading!

Sorry I didn't update Tuesday had a busy week! No updates next week as I'm away sorry everyone! Thanks for reading :) :)

I used a tone from here in the first panel hehe
Hope everyone is having a lush Christmas! This filler is inspired by Beauty and the Beast hehe love that film!

Yay nearly Christmas!!! I will be posting on Friday but it won't be a proper page, just a filler. Anyways have a good Christmas everyone and thanks so much for reading!

Yay more fan art!! This time from Wenny12 Thanks!!

Yay thanks for all your comments! Hehe sorry to dissapoint, but they didn't accidentaly kiss on page 221 Kai was supposed to be just moving his head lol whoops I did't make it very clear sorry!!!

Thanks for all your support you all rock!