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Come on, Atty, you gotta let him smirk and monologue for a bit. That's in the rules!
@Guest: The character might also have been deliberately writing poorly/shakily so that it wouldn't match their own handwriting.

I'd rather it be the one-armed character, though!
"Which bitch-witch?"
@vapor: My understanding is that Abel doesn't want to get on Team Rocket's bad side, so he called off the police when he learned that Atty, a Rocket, had stolen the Eevee.
That last panel is gold. Just the expressions and the timing of the joke.

Also, I hate to point this out, but I think you accidentally drew the Boulder Badge instead of the Thunder Badge.
Ah say, now ah SAY boy, where'd you get that pokey-man; eevee that is?

I am POSITIVE nobody guessed this one. Holy hell, I can not wait to see where this goes from here.
Got any threes?
Lol, those faces in panel 2
Aaaaaand there's the other shoe. Was wondering when it was going to drop.
@Labbed: Rat survived that awful (read: "hilarious") bide gambit at Pewter, so I'm pretty sure he's indestructible. I wouldn't put anything past H0ly, though. :D
please don't be charizard, please still be charmeleon, please don't be charizard, please still be charmeleon...
Is there anyone here who's hardcore enough to use Explosion in a Nuzlocke run? I know I'm not.
If she's still just playing up her role as Super-American Gym Leader, she's doing an eerily good job.
32! What does the gym leader have against the states that were admitted on or after February 14, 1859?? Oregon through Hawaii are just as much states as Delaware through Minnesota!

For real, I was always confused as to where Kanto is if it's not really Japan but America is somehow a place.

I shouldn't be surprised.
Eeeeeeeewwwww x_x
@shibagal: "It's a long drive to deep left field! It is going, going, GONE! A home run for Chris! She may go to the gallows for it, but it sure is great baseball!"