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I write. I doodle. I yell at my cat to get the @#%& off the scanner. People give me money for all of the above, but nowhere near enough.

I'd yell at the cat for free, though.


Lichloved is MY comic and updates weekly on the weekend. Unless life is really good or really bad.

Sic and Deranged is a play project collaboration and updates once in a blue moon.
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Still Studying
Gotta learn to ink. Workin on it.
Still in art crisis. But this came out of an art challenge. It's topical for the last third of the story.
Ah, Terro. Wonderful as always.
Still Workin On It
Guess who got a graphix tablet for Christmas ... <3

By now, I'm going to have to go back and redo everything to this point, since my skills have progressed past "utter suck" all the way to "hopeless beginner".
No watercolor pencils for the color on this page; I inked it about a year ago and couldn't find the pens to see if they were water soluble.

One might also deduce from this montage that the cumulative score is far from Ash-N-Hazz:1, ScorpeenMen:0. Your revenge is sweet, D.R. ;)
This was just pure fun. <3
I was whining about how bored I was with mousing the base layer of color in and my wisest-of-mommies slapped me, handed me a case of watercolor colored pencils and told me to shut up.

Again, you have a wonderful sense of lights and darks. And *I* certainly have zero complaints about waiting for an update! ^^
17 Year Locusts do my pencils.

Ashlinne at about 13 with friends Byzantium and Dizembera. Character study for upcoming story segment. Quit laughing. The thumbnails are done.
GIMP update!
Nothing like working on a strip for an hour and then have your version of gimp LOCK UP ON U AND EAT ALL UR I'M-NOT-CLEANING-THE-BATHROOM-OR-BEING-A-RESPONSIBLE-MOM-TO-UPDATE-MY-CRAPPY-WEBCOM IC WORK.

Not that I was bitter.

Hey, if you're a lame working parent like I am and don't have time to check up on crap, there are several new versions of GIMP out. I find it endearing that they refer to the one I downloaded as "stable," as if to differentiate it from earlier or later versions.

Also endearing: while I work on Lichloved, my daughter is drawing an elaborate comic based on Tremors. ("Look, Mom, it's a grabazoid!") There are even a passle of unhappy folk crowded on a wee little roof. Yay for first graders! <3
You *are* going to keep updating here, right?
... <3!!! Ani has kept a lot of the charm of the old artwork, and added some extra hilarity. I was skeptical at first, but now I'm definitely good with it!
Awww. Sexy. I love the colors (and the sale tag). But I'll miss the old artwork!
Always awesome to see you post more stuff. Made time to sit down and do a harrowing re-read of *everything*. Thank you!
You draw an awesome buzz.
Everything on this whole fucking page is beautiful.
Still re-reading. Still impressed with your choices of imagery and ideas.
So freaking awesome. Content, art, choice of images, choice of ideas.
Holy crap, I need to use this one to train management where I work.