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hell yeah
Ok so i just read this whole thing in one sitting. ok yeah. im glad i read that. damn! my favorite thing about a story is this characters, and i gotta say, i could read a whole comic about these characters idly commenting the weather. like holy shit. i can't wait to learn more about the admiral. he cuts a fine figure in that uniform, that's all i'm going to say about that. knapu (?) and arahne, yes! i'm so glad they're a thing because i shipped them from their very first interaction with each other, which i feel was deliberate. they're just so GOOD. i want them to have a hairy baby tbh. the chemistry there is just so fucking solid. and angelo and helmet guy (all these k's and p's im sorry forgive me) are just YES. somehow this all sounded coherent in my head? but it came out very NOT coherent haha im sorry. the point is this is just fabulous. i feel like the pacing is perfect. we're learning so much about the characters in these beautiful little doses, it almost feels like a slice of life anime at times but with such obviously loved and fleshed out characters that's not a bad thing. like seriously. almost every character has something about them that made me love them immediately. when ores squished his toes in the sand omg. my heart melted. like what an adorable, murderous little creature you are. scifi is usually a huge turnoff for me, which is why i didnt give this comic a shot at first, but gosh now im in love. im so glad i clicked next page. i cant wait to to see how these characters develop further and their relations to one another. all in all, just. ten out of fucking ten man.