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Luv Manga's animes! sweets!!!!!(hate spices) like nice people umm colors specially blue XD oH my favorite Anime is Naruto and game is Kingdom Hearts and Kirby. I also luv fighting games! DEAD OR ALIVE! Luv my friends and luv to make tight relationships with them.
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Tis tooo cute :D everyone looks so perfect!!!
Rlly awesum, slight rocco Harriet going on lol.

i'm sorry about the page guys, my computer got this Anit-Virus XP, some really bad virus T-T
Awsum page FENFEN!!! and i too need to become more active! May I do the next page!!!??
Teh cutneess! everyone looks so perfectly adorable I love your amazing skillz fenri <3
LOLZ kouens a Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^W^ love this page
Lolz i love tetsuo, he promotes kouens bad ways!! <3
Well i'm at my aunts for the holidays without my drawing program T-T but i was able to draw this up in my sketch book, did it today really quickly, i'm sorry it looks so crappy. but anyway I love drawinnn tina!!
This is so gorgeous!!
kay i'm in, I will post something this weekend! <3
I'M so sorry about this late update i actually started it a while back and lost the page, just founf it today and finished it up so here it is, once again sorry chapter 1 is coming to an end though probably 3 more pages.
Well I do have a comic page i'm half way done with but i'm being rushed off to bed becuase school is tommrow T-T so it won't be uploaded till about friday. This is something i've been working on as a little "Hey Till death do us part is back" sign.

PS. Yes that is Leo he constantly changes hair styles for movie role purposes.
September 6th, 2009
Maybe one more comic page tommorow, until next weekend. So yea wonder what miss Harlock is smiling about(can't remember if thats what I named her)
September 5th, 2009
Well its been quit some time since i uploaded a page on TDDUP and i'm so sorry guys, but after some recent insperation my love for this comic as returned wit avengence!!! lol and the page i know isn't too hot and i'm sorry about that to T-T next one will be better
Well yea after Mamo's amazing rendition of Cupid i thought up this adorable little apprentice for him! so here he is.

name:Eros Amour
Occupation: Angel of loves apprentice.
Orientation:very gay
Personality:Bubbly and bright cheerful and optimistic, has complete confidence in his ability and loves to meddle.

Likes:Pink, Clouds, Sweets, gifts, and making arts and crafts also poetry and music and of course his teacher!

Dislikes: Heated arguments, when he misses with arrows,when what he predicts goes wrong and people who don't believe in love deny that they do.

History: Well has been up to being cupid ever since he was a kid and has always liked what it stands for so when he heard that Marius was cupid he asked if he would teach him.

Though Marius doesn't think he's good with love Eros thinks he has a god given talent for him, he's his Hero and he really looks up to him and hopes to one day be as good as him.

SO there is Eros(which is the roman Cupid lol) and yea.
OH MY *O* sexxxxiiii!
I love him... i can't say anything else! when i think cupid i'm going to see you perfect version!

I wanna draw him a apprentice!! a little cupid!*goes off to get started*
This is an amazingpage of epic win! i love Arron!

So cute!
AWWW so cute i must say again i luvs your adorable style!!!!!!!!!!! awesome page!
I'm glad you feels a little better sadness is never good *hugglez you tightly*