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Ninja Pyro games are always fun. I like rocking out on my guitar, and I just started designing comics...we'll see how that goes.
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Eh, my sprites aren't even an edit...they're basically hand-done except the head and guns. That's why its ugly. ^_^
I hope you do something cool with what I have, though.
Hey, remember me? Hehe, I'm re-visiting smackjeeves for a while. Maybe permanently. :D

Poor Knave, he's probably thinking "Um...did I miss something?"
Ok, I've decided to re-visit smackjeeves (it's been a while lol). What happened to this comic? Why's nobody updating it?
Hahaha, you're so cruel. >:)
Ninja Pyro
September 19th, 2007
Wow. Yes, actually...we have. o.0
You make me jealous. I wanna go to GenCon.
There's no way I could be silent, but I can still honor the dead.

You will never be forgotten, your death will never be taken for granted, and the merciless anger shown to you will be avenged. We're free to do whatever we need to do, because we're Americans. Even though most people hate Bush for the war, please remember that HE DID NOT START IT. THE TERRORISTS DID.
I heard an amazing tribute to the 9/11 incident on a local radio station, 103.5 WIMZ. It almost made me cry, which I never do. Those terrorists are the only reason this country ever had a moment of unity, which is sad...but still inspiring.
DOWN WITH AL-QAIEDA! (however you spell that hehe)
Really? Then...SCREW SCHEDULES! :P No more schedule, lol...I'll try to update as much as possible.
Once again, sorry for the late life has been extremely busy, and since my REAL life is more important...this got left behind a bit. I don't even have time to make an extra comic. Seriously. :-/
Weird comic. Sounds a lot like the arguments at my house. (^.^)

I wanna see more famous song references, like the "Sexy Back" and "Umbrella" comics hahaha
There's a lot packed into this comic. Try your best to follow along, I really had no choice. It was pretty hard to make with all the special sound effects...and the lasers. (^.^)

In case you couldn't tell, the plot is about to pick up.
I CARE! Happy birthday Neroe! :D

Hey Cheese, your poem made me laugh...a little bit... :P
This plot's turning out well. Once I have time, I'll contribute to it. :)
Did you just...grab Stoopid and choke him? Wow.
I thought that brownie was a brick...don't ask why. O_o
That's never gonna happen, man...that sign will never stay the same.

Actually, I gotta admit, the sign did stay the same for a long time.
Pssh...nobody's beating me up.
No, Knuckles is not about to punch Sonic. He's just showing that HIS way involves punching the crap outta everything.

Hey, if you guys like these comics, give them some good ratings!
Ok, so this extra is late...if I had put these back to back, that would have ruined the point of a cliffhanger! Just so you know, I didn't forget. :P