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Writer of Flash, Short Fiction, and Poetry. Purveyor of Dreams and Nightmares. Leader of the Temple Houris. Not a little crazy. Writer, warrior, artist, poet, lover, chef, pirate, fairy, dragon tamer, kite flier, magic-maker, freak show, flirt, and mommy extraordinaire -- I can do it all, and I've tried to, at least twice. My attempts are magnificent, my failures incomparable and flaming -- my successes doubly so, and owed in huge part to my family, friends, and occasionally the voices in my head.

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@EmmaVieceli: Masterful. The way Cortland's face resolves from the writhing serpentine coils is *perfect* -- as though he's breaking the surface of this dark ocean of rage and hate. Trying to come to breathe -- and then that look over the shoulder, all the snakes gone, leaving him naked and vulnerable, anguish and hope and fear in that glance to Ian, and Ian looking away, Ian looking in the distance, Ian struggling to reconcile all he's learned in the past few minutes with all he's learned in the past few months. How does it feel to love and desire this person who has done such morally questionable things? You've done a fantastic job -- it's hard to read this, to know that it would be so realistic for Ian to back away, hands raised, and beg off. It would be completely understandable to say "this is over my head, and more than I can handle". It would be fairly fucking starkers for Ian to cheerily say "Ah, well, screw that bell-end; let's snog!" and if I were Cort, and my confession elicited THAT response, I don't think I'd take it any better than being suddenly abandoned. Ian has not necessarily had the *best* track record with impulsive responses; I'm hoping he can be sobered by this, and also willing to stick around. Knowing Cortland regrets what he's done, and is struggling to change the shape of his anger is a big thing.

It's hard, to have wanted them to be together but not be able to have it be simple -- hard to see these characters we love be so damaged, but... that was the whole point of this story, yeah?

A love story, but a bit broken.

Well done, folks. Well done. Thanks so much, again, for sharing. xoxo
December 4th, 2017

Everything about this page, from the smooth to ragged to smooth word bubbles, to the snakeskin ragehate that fades upon Cort's shaky exhalation, to the shift in both their eyes (Harvey finally looking up, Cort then looking down) --


You two are masterful in your depiction of mood; I would want to put in so much more WORDS, I would try to break it down into milliseconds of facial expression changes, but Malin, you say SO MUCH without making it a 4hr dialogue. HOW?? How many words of narration or dialogue have we seen so far? You have made it so easy to fall in love with these damaged folks, and I'm betting we're not even 15K words in -- maybe 10, if that?

Emma, you capture the single instants in which any reader can recognize, can know what those moments of confession felt like, from at least one side or the other.

The your side-by-side of the boys in that moment shows how much they are SO alike, how much vulnerability they have right there, together. Those unsmiling lips, the tightness around their eyes.


Thanks for making it!
October 25th, 2016
Irena is a fantastic counterpart... poor Hunt.

I worry he'll have to distance himself from her so he can handle his anger -- it's been obvious they're super close, but at the same time, he can't actually open up to her, and that's incredible miserable.

Also, the anger she's got is Just. Like. His. which I find super interesting.
October 10th, 2016
@yaoiioay: I'm not sure I could forgive Harv for something like that.
September 21st, 2016
Oh, Harvey, honey
He won't if you don't *TELL* him!

September 15th, 2016
I love panel four
That look on his face of fury/terror melting to awkward sheepishness is PERFECT.
September 15th, 2016
Oh god poor Cort
The nightmares that are coming up lead me to believe this wasn't standard garden-variety trauma he experienced awhile back, but something truly horrifying.
September 15th, 2016
I think Harvey (...and Cortland?) killed their father (who is probably a lot like Spence, and his dad) who maybe used to abuse Harv and Cort (and their mum?) in some fashion.

It got blamed solely on Cortland because Harvey would've gone to jail -- but it looks like maybe Harvey can't live with that, especially because it seriously fucked up Cortland emotionally.

Harvey's mum is trying to talk him out of confessing, while Connie is trying to tell Harvey that she knows he'll do what he has to and she'll support him no matter what, and he's trying to convince himself that Cort will be fine if he goes and does this.
September 15th, 2016
They way they look at one another
I would love to see this animated.
Wonder who'd be good as the voices?

I love love love LOVE the panels of their hands, the way Ian reaches for Cort -- the way Cort lets him.

Their newly forming relationship makes me so damn nervous.

There is no good story without conflict, and now I'm terrified of what it will do to them.
August 18th, 2016
The "..." panel
Is the BEST pre-kiss look, and the 'ba-bum' of Ian's heart is KILLING. ME.

Knocked it out of the fucking park on this one, the both of you. The expressions are spot-on, and goddamnit if Malin's pacing of this story isn't just killer, I dunno what is.

Also. I dunno if it's just me making shit up in my head, but the nbackground of the bottom panel looks like the orderly checker background of Ian's MIXED with Cort's snake.

That kiss, this love -- it won't erase whatever monster Cort thinks he has inside of him, but GOD will it be good for some fantastic moments.

This is one of my alltime favorite pages, from Ian's perfect smirk to Cortland's eyes, from tiptoes to 'ba-bum', I am just blown away.

Thank you thank you thank you for making this comic and sharing it with us!
August 18th, 2016
I also need to add
That Ian's a man after my own tongue -- "Jesus Fuck" is a phrase I hear out of my mouth all the damn time, which makes it SO EASY to hear these guys out loud :D
You know what I love?
The fact that Cortland's reflection didn't have the snakeskin.

When he sees himself, even at his most frustrated, even at his angriest -- those coils and that barbed wire are in his heart, in his head, in his memory, under his skin... But he's just a guy, looking himself in the face, struggling to come to terms with who he is.

That's all any of us are, all any of us can ever really be.

I love reading this. I try really hard to create characters that are this engaging, this dynamic; you both make it look effortless.
Spencer's 'WHATEVER' movement is *HILARIOUS*.

I cannot express how much that sudden release of tension made me giggle like an idiot.
Oh, wow.
The fact that the viper was just so faintly under the surface that it could come right back so quickly? Whew. I love that Ian doesn't want to let him walk away.

I love the fact that they're probably both still thinking about that kiss, even right now.
The fading snake coils!!!!!
Him, fighting back against his darker, angry nature? Holy shit.
Man, you guys; these characters are gorgeous -- I love the way they're all so tightly wound and only slowly coming undone to show themselves to us.

Ian's defense of Cortland, and then Cortland's defense of Ian are *sublime* parts of this chapter.

SO. Well. Done.
Oh. My. God.
"Shut up, Ian."

SERIOUSLY. First names.
The way Ian really *WAS* just *ASKING* for it and the fact that Cortland gets right in front of him is just killing me. He could've beat Spence down. He could've tackled him. He could've lost his shit. Instead, he put himself in position to take a beating, to let Spence swing first.

I'm fanning myself over here.
Man, Ian
Couldn't get beat on by Cort -- went to get himself beat up by Spence.

Everything is six shades of rough, here.

I love that Ian's finally telling Spencer off, and I love that Cortland's getting to see it.

Masterful. The storytelling here, in both dialogue and picture, is just plain incredible.
Oh, that eye
Cortland's wide-eye-through-the-fence thing is killer. The way he reacts to Ian's pushing away from Spencer is just... Magnificent. Your drawings are spot on with what Malin's dialogue is trying to convey. You guys are just so damn good at this.
The Hunter
Dude. Kid was in some kind of MMA ring, wasn't he? Ultimate fighter? Gyaaaaaah.

Poor Cortland. I just want to let him detox from adrenaline and fear and let him be a freaking *kid*.
Making it become more a part of him, in him -- beautiful. Horrifying and awful, I mean, but -- well done!