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...Let's just use this space for shameless advertising. Go read my comics. I don't know. I like to draw. I like Pokemon.

What was that? You want to know stuff about me? Fine, I'll humor you.

If you'd like to know some trivial trivia about me, keep reading, you stalker. But that's why you started reading, isn't it?

Favorite shows:Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls and quite a few others

Favorite book: The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands. And don't worry, it's not dystopian, it's historical fiction with a touch of fantasy.

Favorite color: It's somber- I mean gray. Grey? Grae. That's how I'm going to spell it. Grae.


What? You want more? I told you to go read my comics.

....Yeah, I wish I had a sense of humor too.
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    The Internet can call me Willow, the remorseless monster
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The world is grae.
I love it! Thanks, this is so much better than my current exploding-lightbulb icon! Maybe I should make my Pokesona's flame color official grae. I wonder why I haven't thought of that yet. Thanks again!
How did it get away in the first place?!

Some things you simply shouldn't question.
Titan: Who is your best friend?
@WiispNightmare: Eheheheh ^^;
(That moment when you write Grae on an english assignment and the teacher gives you a weird look)
I've seen her here in color before, somewhere... *hunts for drawing*
"Daddy, I made a new friend!"
That Nuzleaf reminds me way too much of PSMD.
This is exciting!
It's good to see you again!
I love the cover! It represents Rose and Pearl's complicated relationship so well! Pearl's trying so hard to be stern, but her love and fear of Rose is so well captivated, as well as Rose's darker side. Great work!
Pignite can't be dead! He's on the front cover!
@cdpict: Is there something you want to say?
@#403: Thank you! For some reason my best ideas come from being bored in health class.
Beedrill are Bug/Poison type, so that Pecha Scarf will only be useful if Beatrice is fighting a Salandit.
Another Drawing
I don't know what to write, uhhhhh, I don't endorse smoking. Don't smoke.
Edit: The quality drop- Whhhhhhyyyyyy. Why is everything blurry?!
Another edit: Unfortunately, the only way to (slightly) preserve the quality was to not resize it, so now it's better, but it's huge.
The cape is missing
This thing called Creativity decided it was a good idea to draw myself(without the cape) in this cutesy-cartoony style. I'm not so sure it was a good idea. The eyes are out of place with the rest of the drawing. Yaaayyy, winter break is here~
Hallucinations aren't very fun

Yay for crappy sparkle effects and bad blur effects