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I'm Amanda and i love watching anime, reading online comics and mangas and one day i hope that i can draw my own online comic! (after i can draw better). and i love watching tv hanging out with friends,etc. X3
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I'm so sorry for your loss. It's completely understandable and take all the time you need. :)
Also, yeah new page and OMG loved what Micah said at the end! I cannot wait for the next page.
Ilona!!! :D I'm glad that to see that she became a successful veterinarian. Love the advertisement for her!
Also, can't wait to see what Sebastian's reactions are to this trip. :)
Shit is going down now! To me, it looks like Gengi has the "I'm going to kill you" smile based on that last sentence... Can't wait for the next page!
Yes! New update! Welcome back! Oo... Very excited to see what happens next. :D
Yeah double update! :)
On the fan girl wagon! *Squeal!!* So excited to see where this goes. :D
WOW! What an amazing beautiful page. :D Love the coloring and the overall drawing with Kaidou and Aki. Have a wonderful Christmas too. Cannot wait for more.
Awww.. Haru. Such great advice. I hope Aki will be encouraged by that. :D
Oh! and first comment. Never had that with this comic before. Haha...
I'm very excited to read these next pages Crimson Chains :D Lastly, I was wondering if you are going to do a live stream anytime soon? Keep up the amazing work. <3
Congratulations on finishing this story!!! I loved every minute of it and really got into so many of characters. I continue to look forward to your future works, including your new one Crescendo right now. :)
One question though, will you ever do a side story/epilogue/drawings of the characters in the future? Such as what Ilona and Damian's kids look like perhaps?? :D
I'm so sorry to hear that! I know that whatever decision you make, it will be for the best. I hope everything is going alright and look forward to your comics in the future. :) <3
I just want to give Roy a big hug!! <3
Happy early 25th Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful one. :D
Love the name Mr. Meow. So adorable! :)
I cannot wait for the next chapter! After reading these two pages, I went back and re-read from the beginning and I realized the minor hints you put in there. :)
No worries! We can wait, which will make us even more excited for the next upcoming pages. :D
I'm so worried for Ilona about those kids.... but I bet she will kick ass and show them whose boss! :)
Me too as well! I cannot wait for more. :)
YES an update!! Welcome back. :D
Love this page, so awkward and adorable. Cannot wait for more.
Happy 4th of July to you too Crimson!! I love kaidou's outfit!! :)
Love the screensaver too! Haha...
I'm glad Neil is sticking up for himself and Kendra. :) You do it man!