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I like drawing and rats. And drawing rats.
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Aw, poor Creature, back to the lonely depths of the Black Lagoon for you :(
Nekrogoblikon's John Goblikon becoming the first Goblinweight Champion of the World at Wrestleinsania 2017.
Sorry it's late...
...but yesterday was Wrestlemania 32 and I got distracted...
Happy New Year!
Last page of the year, looking forward to more mayhem and violence in the New Year! See you next week, HF x
She's back and bustier than ever...
After a (looooong) break, I am planning to continue with 10 Deadly Tasks, and eventually bring it to a dramatic conclusion...! In the mean time hope you enjoy this page, and if you feel like reading more of my nonsense, why not try my short comics here:
Listen Along!
To be accompanied by Nekrogoblikon's 'No One Survives', because John Goblikon.
Bonus Page this week! :D
Poor little bat bird! He only nibbled our hero a little bit and now his head has been pulled right off. I guess him and his flock had killed the guy in the bottle first though, so he's not totally blameless...
I'm hooked!
That's such an intriguing image! :D
Page 13...
I have 7 fans! Thanks for following, I hope you're enjoying the comic so far! It's so much fun to draw. I have an idea for a spin off comic that may come of something after the Tasks have been completed.

Today I am eating quiche and feeling like one of the Stupid Rat Creatures from 'Bone' :D
I'm in love! You're amazing!