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Seems to me that Kiln hasn't really learned from her last encounter and the little... "talk"... she got afterwards.

I think Claude said something more like this: "I will come along, as long as Jake comes with you."
I understand that Jake didn't want to sound so harsh on his only friend. But Kiln NEEDED to hear that to learn that lying is not the way to become a real member of the guild.
Welcome to another episode of Kiln's fairy tail's.

I hope Jake will put things right.
@Guest: And Ash is carrying Pokemon who even a normal guy couldn't lift. And sometimes even with one hand. As a ten year old kid.
Less scolding, more running.
@KirbyandPokemonFan: They explained that once in the "Tiny Toon" series: "A toon can walk in the air as long as he doesn't look down."

Not sure if that works with pokemon as well.
@comercole: I think that was a wince of sympathy for Kiln hitting the ground^^
Seems like this Zoroark will be an interesting challenge^^

and, congratulations to reach 100 pages! (At least, from what I count)
Seems like the right decision for you. You should never do something JUST for others. When it's something you have created, then you should be feeling proud of it. But when you don't feel like that, you should stop.

I wish you the best for the future and I'm looking forward to your new stuff.
I like the outfits^^ I hope we will see something like that later on for real.
One Punch Riolu! (Someone had to say it.)

Totally love these shocked faces in the first panel. Everyone like "WTF?!"
@troblsomtwins829: I make no promises of it being good (or grammaticaly correct) but I would still like to hear your opinion on it, once it's finished.
@Shadow_Strikr: Encouraging the shippers of course^^ I'm already working on a little shipping fiction for them. It's so far in my head, but it's nicely so far.

@Gothimo: I belive it was a kiss. Bokyurah is clearly leaning forward towards Iten and his after reaction indicates something... confusing happened.
o_O ...what just happened? What did we just saw there?

You do know, you just gave the shippers (like me) a shipload of ammunition, right?
@Experiment04LLZ: He barely knows how his new body works. How could he possibly use haks?
Reminds me of this one scene from Captain America where he is destroying a punching bag^^
Should we be worried about Kanar doing somethingl ike that? I think we should be worried. I'm worried now.

And another chapter comes to it's end. Looking forward what the next one will bring^^
@Foxblaze: Looks now even MORE FLUFFY! I wanna cuddle it!