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I KNEW she didn't notice she was naked!

And, I think I know what Blazey is holding there...
I wonder if she just now noticed she is naked...
YES! There is the Bag!

... why does this sign says "Quicksave"? And why is there suddenly music playing?
YAY! An (more or less) Update!

Congratulation on moving out of your parental unit residence. And also congratulation for getting a cat. She seems interesting. Hope to see more of you two^^

Also, looking forward to the new pages of the comic itself^^
We all learn from our mistakes... except for me^^
Great comic. But I think you made a little mistake in the second panel.

I think Claire wanted to say: "Why not share your Knowledge." And not "Acknowledge".
Jep. I expect something like that.

Or just the classic with losing consciousness and then waking up, thinking it was a dream, just to realize, you are in a Pokemon hospital in a Pokemon guild where everything is run and managed by Pokemon^^
Can't wait to see her reaction when she first comes into a Pokemon town^^
*sees the net coming down*

And it gets more and more complicated with each second...
That post was actually from me, I just didn't notice I that I wasn't logged in^^
My brain just got into error mode at this point...
I really don't know what her problem is. It's just basic MD stuff. EVERYMON knows about basic MD stuff. You learn that in Poke-school!

P.s. I found the page. Looks great!
@MR.Zoet: And I love reading about this kind of conflict in a story ;)

Keep up the good work^^
@comercole: Damn. You are right. I kinda missed that at the prologue. Thanks for pointing it out^^
That's the most interesting and unique idea for a PMD story/comic I have ever seen. Looking forward to when they find out about her being a criminal human^^
I say that will be fun^^
I agree with this plan. Even if they would capture this criminal, Kiln would still be getting yelled at for disobeying direct orders and doing something she is not supposed to do.
Seems to me that Kiln hasn't really learned from her last encounter and the little... "talk"... she got afterwards.

I think Claude said something more like this: "I will come along, as long as Jake comes with you."
I understand that Jake didn't want to sound so harsh on his only friend. But Kiln NEEDED to hear that to learn that lying is not the way to become a real member of the guild.