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@Sheena: Thank you! I hope it'll be a satisfactory read ^o^
@CressaKitty: It is not quite something to expect at first huh! :3 Thank you so much though~ ♥
@Gnildryw: I think there might be once I get the energy to research the possibility!

I'd have to see to the options, I understand there are services where you can download your comic into, and then they can then be ordered by a customer as paperback books.

I'm not exactly aware of how that works or how the prices range, so it's still under consideration.
Hello dears!

So, some of you have been giving me your regards to my future work, and even shown interest about my other comicprojects. So I'm here to share what I'm currently doing.

I'm currently working on a long-time fantasy web comic called "Year In Hereafter." It's currently over 200 pages in content, it has been active for a year, and it's still waiting for over a thousand pages. Soo I'll be working on that for at least 5 years.

It's not like Saronara. It resides in a more medieval kind of magic-fantasy realm, isn't focused on romance, and... Yeah. It's just overall very different. In artstyle and everything.

Here's the address to the website:
And here's my Twitter@ to follow YIH-updates, or if you just want to give me a high-five: @yearinhereafter

I hope I'll see some of you in the future! Thanks, that's all I had to say.
Soo... A lot of text down below because I am sooo tired and relieved right now. @w@

First of all, thank you to the readers for putting up with the constant "break-nobreak-break-nobreak" paces the comic had. Turns out, I can be really lazy at times. And also thank you for the fact that you did keep encouraging me to finish the story even though I did experience some lack of reason to keep going on at times. And, hey, thanks for reading! You made it all the way to the end, it's humbling that you actually felt compelled to read this far.

And of course, a huge amount of personal gratitude goes to AJ, who helped me to write this particular fiction to begin with. They offered so much inspiration with brainstorming and discussing the initial ideas behind these characters, the fiction, and just the will to actually draw something out.


So, here's the thing about the Q&A portion. I promised that I would take questions addressed to characters and draw out some answers in like 2-4 panel comicstrips.

If you have a question you want to ask from any character from the story, just express the target of the question in a clear enough way, and that question just might get picked up. :3 (Drawing is fun but it's still loads of work, I might not be able to draw as many answers as I'd like to.)

And if you want to ask questions directly from me, sure, you can do that too. But I will most likely give you a comment reply rather than a drawn answer. ^^ Sooner the better, of course.

Wow, it feels insane that I can finally file this comic as completed.
All right, I got those last things done and out of the way! This is pretty much the page of "conclusive thought", and finally showing signs of the primal nature of humanity. Not exactly an unpredictable twist, but it's been confirmed, there are other people and they will start ganging up on each other after recovering for a decade or so.

Sooo see you once again tomorrow with the very last page!
@yasha.queen: The scenery was pretty much based on American wastelands in general. :3
@Guest: Not radioactivity precisely, but the idea is entirely correct. Originally people tried to use any kinds of protective covers for nose, eyes and mouths to not get exposed to the mutative vector, but now it's more of a defense mechanism against mutated animals to appear more threatening.
@DianaJones: Yes, it's wrapping up in an extremely few words.

@yasha.queen: The first time they went into the facility was in autumn. As is this time. :3 Something I always forgot to mention in the comic.^^

@PolishDork: A little >w<

@raephium: Nope... It's not ;w;
@DianaJones: It does make sense at least to me! And I think there's a lot many artists can agree, and I have to take it as a compliment that you took time to think about it. That's really sweet of you ^o^ &#9829;
@raephium: Just three more pages. ;w; Now I wonder if I have used the word "installment" wrong... hmmm.
This has been some of the most. Beautiful. Art. In a comic I've ever seen. Very inspiring. &#9829;
@raephium: That's just Mikie after a plenty of growth spurt, yes. :3
.... The last two pages are coming up. Both are going to be spread pages though. :3

Oh and there's a little bit of a sleep-much-work-littleburnout going on, and I noticed I want to create the very last page pretty much all over again. So I'm gonna take an indefinite number of days to get that done!
... He wasn't happy about that thing with the knife back at the place.

One day they'll bring it up, and they'll laugh, and laugh, and laugh.
You know, I noticed through Saronara (at this point, and after reviewing the first pages) that I've totally turned my boat around on so many things considering drawing a comic.

At first I needed as much dialogue and things happening in one page as I could fit into them. Which was an insane pace compared to this.
Lately I've decided to use a lot of big panels. Basically, I went from "tell, don't show" to "show, don't tell" preference. Which was a nice thing to figure out before I started my bigger project.

Mikhail's monologues are still a big part of the build up though. And I think this will be the last comic where I'll ever use the monologue as heavily as I have here.

It's just weird that I chose to take such a different direction with how I just generally draw comics now. But I think it's for the better - and I think the shift in style weirdly fits the changing mood of the story somehow. :3

Of course I understand that some might feel that these last pages have REALLY dragged the term "slow pace". That's why the 7 pages per week rate felt the best for this final chapter. :B

Soo that's an artist thing!

Oh by the way there's only 3 more installments left. *squeals*
Yea Dess why.

Well you'll see why veery soon.
There's a little bit of shouting. Fiiiinally Mike, gee. Took you for ever.

Oh hey we're so totally gonna end this soon... This feels weird.
Indecisive boy! And a little bit childish. :3 But that's healthy.

(I'm having a bit of a hard time coming up with descriptions aren't I. :B Let the pages speak for themselves I guess~)