I'm a teenager with an interest in Programming, Playing Video Games, and University.
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Well this is something I can relate to xD As an Asexual male in a sexual world, I can relate to the freeing and isolating elements of when you come to terms with an aspect of yourself like this.

I got lucky back in my home town, but since moving to uni...It doesn't matter what that something is, it's the same feeling of being alone when you don't having someone around that can relate to it.

The more a part of your nature that thing (or a part of most other peoples that you lack), the more isolating it can feel.

Great, now I'm taking a clue from Flannery and venting xD
"learning that you're a terrible manipulative bastard and then figuring out how not to be exactly that"

So he's going to learn how to be a great manipulative bastard? :P
Nowadays I reckon Operations are named by clicking the "random page" button on Wikipedia until something cool sounding appears.
Crow monster would be worse. Already got photos of me half-naked floating around facebook so people probably wouldn't care much -.-
But if you die who will draw these wonderful comics? :(
is it just me or...
Is it just me or are Amery's + and - for Leighton slightly the wrong way around? ;)
ArtistGrace: Freudian slip :P She said "I girlfriend" instead of "I guarantee"

And I want a magical outfit that constantly changes colour ^^
7 months ago it was probably raining like 'eck. Now England as a whole is being uncharacteristically sunny...
I got it instantly. It amused me ^^
Personally I prefer to just grab them out the air with chopsticks, but whatever floats your boat.
With me if I get into a "groove" when doing something like programming, it'll go:

Well, it's 11pm...I'll probably go to bed in a few hours.
Hmm, 1am, probably should go to bed soon.
4am, Reeally should be getting to bed soon...
7am, you know what? There is no point in going to bed.
12pm, passes out on the spot.
Ah the computer industry. I thought it was impossible not to be overdressed at those interviews?

I mean, guys from massive companies worth millions will wear Hawaiian shirts and Sandles whilst interviewing you...
Being English = Having School Uniforms

I'm glad I'm free of them now that I'm in College, but at the same time I do think schools should have them =P

Then again, at 18 my fashion sense has me regarded as something of a grand old eccentric (I have a habit of wearing waistcoats and trilby hats in casual settings). At 18 this is a good thing. If I did this at 14, I'd have been beaten up.

You can express yourself outside of school easily enough. Colleges and Universities are about entering adulthood and embracing your individuality, Schools are much more about learning to be a "Cog in the machine". Society is a machine that needs it's cogs =P
It shouldn't be legal to draw characters this friggin' ADORABLE! (y)>.<(y)
Congratulations, I just laughed out loud for a good minute at this XD *thumbs up*
Oh god been there >.<
This...this was my request... :D You madam, are as a god to me right now =^.^=

Also wow, female Greg is...pretty hot actually 0_o
Not knowing how to dance in a dance club is okay, as long as don't care ^^