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as sad as it is that you are not continuing this... i completely understand. i am upset that this is canceled because this is like the only good HTTYD comic that i know to see this canned is....upsetting. however, i also am looking forward to more Moonfire because i had read and followed that comic years ago, but didn't know that you were the one who also made that. i hope you take care of yourself and it was a nice comic run while it lasted.
i was surprised to see this had updated with yet another hiatus notice....however i cannot find it in me to be even a little bit upset because im in college to and i have so many ideas i either want to do as a comic or something else but i have no time because college eats up all my time.

i also commend you going back to the stress that is college to finish your degree and eagerly await your return!
great page as usual! cant wait for more!
Welcome back! i cant wait to see what you have planned for us next!
Jim Jam Jimmy has answered their call.
this comic is one of my faves! like oh my God i love this so much.

also i really want to know how the exorcist guy will react to them trying to summon Jim.
God i love Chip! this entire comic is freaking amazing and i love it!

that last panel with Chip was just freaking cute!
@GamingNinja: the Blood of Christ....basically church wine, which is blessed
so is this going to be a comic? because just from this i don't know.

if its a fanfiction then i think it should be either on fanfiction .net or Ao3.
welp, what a way to finish reading on. Can't wait for the next update, also i just finished binge reading this and i am loving this!
what did Chip say?!
i just think that even though its unlikely we will get another page by Christmas i just want to say that this is a great Christmas Present.

and i get what you are saying, i have a fanfiction i am writing that i started at the start of my fall semester of college but couldn't update till now...but unfortunately for me i can't find the sketch book that had my notes for the darn thing is
Chip is just such a precious cinnamon roll
chip looks like he's so done
Louie's gonna flip his shit in the next page
aaaahhh... this is such a great comic, i always look forward to the next page
@yamilink: please disregard my previous comment...i didn't finish reading yours....or i did and i didn't take it in fully...sorry
@yamilink: i never noticed that, because i only use the "latest comic" button when going to the newest page of the comic. so... your updates never showed up so i assumed that for some reason you were updating the same page
@yamilink: why do you keep updating the same page?
September 16th, 2015
Louie's back! i actually missed the big guy.