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@GamingNinja: the Blood of Christ....basically church wine, which is blessed
so is this going to be a comic? because just from this i don't know.

if its a fanfiction then i think it should be either on fanfiction .net or Ao3.
welp, what a way to finish reading on. Can't wait for the next update, also i just finished binge reading this and i am loving this!
what did Chip say?!
i just think that even though its unlikely we will get another page by Christmas i just want to say that this is a great Christmas Present.

and i get what you are saying, i have a fanfiction i am writing that i started at the start of my fall semester of college but couldn't update till now...but unfortunately for me i can't find the sketch book that had my notes for the darn thing is
Chip is just such a precious cinnamon roll
chip looks like he's so done
Louie's gonna flip his shit in the next page
aaaahhh... this is such a great comic, i always look forward to the next page
@yamilink: please disregard my previous comment...i didn't finish reading yours....or i did and i didn't take it in fully...sorry
@yamilink: i never noticed that, because i only use the "latest comic" button when going to the newest page of the comic. so... your updates never showed up so i assumed that for some reason you were updating the same page
@yamilink: why do you keep updating the same page?
September 16th, 2015
Louie's back! i actually missed the big guy.
thats so adorable!
use the power of the heart Ellis! use it!

*ehem* anyway, i am enjoying this so far
his face!! XD oh my god that is like the best part of the page!!
so is the comic dead or something?
new page?
when's the new page coming out?
Boreas kinda looks like a Tundra dragon from Flight Rising
personally I wouldn't have had the characters talk about their pasts right off the bat. Here's my reason, when you meet someone new do you automatically tell them basically your entire background? No, you give your name and if the situation calls for it you give the city, or area, where you are from.

I would have saved the whole talking of backgrounds till we new our heros' better and do it a little at a time not all at once.