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The name's Panzer! I enjoy games, sports, anime, and hanging out with friends. I also love reading, writing, and storytelling.
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I'll Be Returning Monday
Sorry guys, but life is picking up again, and I didn't anticipate not having time to make the next few updates. That being said, I've got some time this weekend to work ahead so that I don't fall behind for the umpteenth time again.

I'll be back Monday with brand new updates, and the schedule will return to Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience guys.
I apologize for this being a week and a half late, but lots of things have come up in life, and I needed to do the balancing act again. I'm still in that phase, but at least I've got a rhythm going again to where I can regularly update. Again, sorry for the late postings, everyone.
Nightwolf's not playing games. He really intends on hurting Panzer. As for Niavana and Enigma's take on this nasty situation... well... shouldn't be hard to see their point of view.
Release for Return to Meridian Hill #272
Return to Meridian Hill #272 will be released tonight at 9:00PM EST/6:00PM PST!
In a distant world called Dragonenix, peace and tranquility are quickly swept away by the approach of darkness over this otherworldly paradise. Three teen warriors, Panzer Dragon, Enigma, and Niavana Avalon, must now end their days as carefree individuals and solve the mysteries surrounding their home world, and face the dangers that will be sure to come in this exciting original comic series!

Rebooted from the original incarnation "Panzer Dragon and Enigma: The Comic Strip", "PDE Zwei" is the re-telling of the original story on SmackJeeves as Panzer, Enigma, and Niavana become involved in protecting their home from the move of a mysterious organization, spiraling into a battle that will decide the fate of their world and others, and reveal to this trio their destiny.
Nightwolf... what are you thinking about doing?!
Comic Updates Resume February 10th
I recently started a new job this week, and while I love every minute of it, I need to get adjusted to the schedule so that I can also manage the webcomic the way that I want to. That being said, I'm moving any and all updates to next week. I'll be working on them throughout the week, but I will not be posting until Monday. This way, I don't get overloaded and I can still do timely updates. Also, if you noticed, I'll be doing primetime updates from now own. Comics will be up by 8:00PM EST Monday, Thursday, and Saturday! Check out the Facebook page, as I'll be doing daily status updates until the comic resumes on Monday. :)
Poor Nightwolf... tearing himself apart like that...