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I'm just here to leave comments. Not an artist at all.
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George holding onto Atty's arm in the last panel is the cutest thing. They're totally a couple whether or not either of them realizes it.
How romantic
This counts as a date, right?
@Parcent: It doesn't really matter, at least not for this battle. If Dux and Venus both won't attack, then the one who isn't poisoned will win.
It's a well-established fact that Farfetch'd is the best Pokemon. I'm glad George knows this.
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
Atty's current party consists of:
* A Pikachu
* A Magikarp
* An Oddish
* A George

I think George will be his best bet for the next gym.
Are they about to get jiggy with it? George would be so proud.
It hurts my soul that there's no title text for this one.
You know what would be really great?
It would be really great if Atty got a line of dialogue in. Just saiyan. :P
Winning is for cowards. Real men fight to lose.
Calling it now, it's a Psyduck.
A believable lie
"I accidentally tripped over my shoelace and fell into the bathroom and stumbled on top of a trashcan and collapsed through the window. Honest!"
Quick, Atty! Pretend to be a statue!

(Alternate joke: Atty used Minimize! ...but it failed!)
Don't just stand on it, Atty! Look inside! You never know what wonders a trash can might hold!
Okay, serious question... what happened to the glass Atty was holding a few pages ago?
An influence he may be, but Atty is still not enough of a fashion influence to prevent a jumper with a creepy black-eyed mouthless horror movie Pikachu on it.
So what you're saying is, you already started working on the next page before posting this one, already forgot the glass, and now you're hoping this joke will make it seem more on purpose? :P
That cape is a hazard for catching on missile fins, jet turbines, express elevators, and vortexes.
Hey hey, nothing is indecent if it happens out of frame!
What are ya talkin' about, Atty?
George is both nice and sane. Her ridiculosity is just an act.