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Lady Lu-san
Hello! I'm currently a sophomore in college, and a girl who loves art! I joined here to get better and more committed at drawing webcomics, so you'll see my own nerdy musings along with a few art projects for school! I hope you enjoy, and feel free to pm me with any questions!

Have a lovely rest of your day~
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    Athina A.
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Hahaaaaa yup!! Back to our irregularly scheduled choose your own adventure!!
Haha its sure looking that way- i’ll have to count up the votes eventuallyyyy
Glad to see you’re still reading! I think it’s rather cute personally, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions!
Queenie is like any other protagonist in PMD, she knows she was once human and vaguely knows about both pokemon and human things, but she does not remember any specifics oddly including her own name. She was brought to Petralona after she passed out on Drizz near where she woke up, so it’s safe to say she most certainly does not know her way around!
This choice is much easier I swear!

Where should Queenie wander off to?

OPTION ONE: The forest

OPTION TWO: The river
@jvmontero: I'm happy you're enjoying it!
@KyrkotheAmpharos: I'm happy you're enjoying it! <3

THANK YOUUUUU and omg ya i have a habit of darkening the mood so lightening it would be good-

Ah thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it <3
Got excited to start so here's two pages today! The first didn't have a choice, but lets get started on picking options again!!

OPTION ONE: The comfort of an onlooker

OPTION TWO: Wander away from Petralona

OPTION THREE: Go back inside the underground
@ChaosSeer: Are you SURE you haven't seen them yet?
@Ark Bluegate: lol, sorry! since it's a q&a I tend to only draw the characters asked
I picked a bunch of my favorites to answer! The easiest to doodle, anyways <3

Sorry these came out so late! School hit harder than expected, lol, but we should be back on track for chapter two!

I was thinking of making an Instagram for the comic? I doodle a lot that I don't post here. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in seeing that?
It’s just a doodle my dude XD Don’t worry
Hey folks! Chapter One is done, thank god. Good call on saving your game <3

While I'm thinking up some plans for Chapter Two, there's a couple of things I want to do first!

First off, I was thinking of changing Queenie's design to be more dog-like? It's often described as a canine-like pokemon, so I thought it might be nice, but let me know!

I also might be updating the artstyle of early pages! So don't freak out if things slowly change from what they used to be lol

I'll be running a Q+A next week, so stay tuned!


Will you save your game?
Back to our regularly scheduled programming-
Happy Birthday!
Can you guys believe it's been a year since I started this comic?? I know we had some absences, but I'm actually pretty surprised I got this far at all!!!
In honor of the birthday, I thought I'd ask if there's anything I can do to make this comic experience more enjoyable for you guys! Shall I throw a contest? Do you have any suggestions? Maybe an art style change?

Let me know, folks! So happy to have met you all through the wonderful world of pokemon! <3