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Lady Lu-san
Hello! I'm currently a sophomore in college, and a girl who loves art! I joined here to get better and more committed at drawing webcomics, so you'll see my own nerdy musings along with a few art projects for school! I hope you enjoy, and feel free to pm me with any questions!

Have a lovely rest of your day~
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    Athina A.
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Hahaha I loved doing this one <3

Choices are back! What do you guys think should happen?

OPTION ONE: Queenie does something in defense.

OPTION TWO: Queenie or Drizz try to explain what's happening.

OPTION THREE: Hestia continues her assault.

OPTION FOUR: Drizz pulls rank.
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: Ahhh thank you so much lovely!! Honestly I'm always so nervous drawing her bc what even are Elektrikes but then im like 'super fluffy almost dog' XD

And our little drizz isn't QUITE a monarch, but he's the closest this town has to one *^*
oh man would ya look at that it's an update and a style change


here's the surprise! the introduction of my favorite character <3

no choice for this page, since i know what's coming next, but i'd love to hear thoughts and theories!
@Julian or Yoshidakid: I stated in the description that I work on this comic when I fancy to, so if I don't feel like doing it I won't lol
It'll update when I feel like it again
@SansOfDale: Eventually you'll find out why he picked it! But thank you!! <3
Yall are so meannn do you really want her to die through embarrassment

Option One: Go check out the shops.

Option Two: Ask where the entrance of the town is to maybe get a breath of fresh air.

Option Three: a surprise *^*
@Noahepix: Actually, today is 50% off chocolates day!!
@cat mastermv: happy valentines honey!! <3
@Julian or Yoshidakid: Happy v-day sweetheart!!
@Volt the fox :3: Happy valentines lovely!! <3
@comercole: Happy valentines!! <3
@ChaosSeer: Isn't Mesprit cute
@SyskyLycanwolf: Glad your day went well!!! And I'm glad it seems that some people are interested!! I'll start one this weekend <3
Have a sweet Mesprit teaching our kiddos about love!!
It's my favorite holiday so I couldn't resist doing something for yall!!

I was also thinking of doing a q+a?? If you're interested! I'm a little busy to do full comic pages, but I could do cute doodles to answer questions! Let me know if you're interested, and I'll make it a news post when I get to it!! <3

Have a lovely day!
@MaruExposito: I'm very much looking forward to seeing how their stories line up!
It's very exciting so far! Can't wait to see how it all turns out and what this illness isss

(also can someone explain to me how to do building bc they're terrible)