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i draw pokemon sometimes.

Icon by Shadowstalker1128!!
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nobody ever has been or ever will be as cool as that oshawott in the background thats playing the damn saxophone
this was uploaded on april fools day so nick doesn't actually have a plan whatsoever and josie doesn't actually have a plant allergy she just really really hates the word "apothecary" so she refuses to enter the building ever :) cant fool me silver!!!
My fav character so far is probably uhhh Nick? He's just a Litle Boy....... Trying His Best
where's my dough? the dough which i was going to make bread with because i'm a baker? the dough went missing from my kitchen please help me find it :(
pan is gonna be pissed the FUCK off when she realises susan followed her gdfhgkldsfhk
press f to pay respects
March 12th, 2019
Remember when yall shipped me with SilverNinetales as a joke and then people thought we were genuinely a couple? That was wild

how dare you make me SAD >:(((

(also two weeks is fine, stretch that even longer if you want! at the end of the day, you're making this for fun, right? you don't need to stress yourself over a comic when you have more pressing priorities! im sure nobody will mind if you need to take more breaks, i love this comic so much but your mental health comes first!!!)
@Guest: lmao this comment is 4 years old mate
same, carnelian. same

sorry for never updating, my prelims are over now though so maybe i'll get more free time? we'll see

and apologies for that first panel- i accidentally used the completely wrong brush fo the lineart but wasnt bothered to go back and fix it lmao. this entire page looks pretty bad but hey at least it's out!!
huge fucking mood, skylar
@EeveeEon: EXTREMELY big sad. absolute chungus of a sad. i am about 2 cry
Tubbs has Big Bastard energy
waiting for susan's face when she shows up at pandora and pan's like "child Nani The Fuck fuck off i dont want this" and then like......... uh oh
January 5th, 2019
ok so I think its safe to call this cancelled now lol so here's a quick novalocke-based youtube video i made a while back, and a picture I made of my eventual team members:
im letting you go susan. off the top of this cliff. i am letting go of your leg now. goodbye forever you little shit
this lighting and texture is FANTASTIC, all your pages look so amazing i'm just,,,dfgydfgj,,,,,

also, run susan!! get out of this town!!!! D:
December 2nd, 2018
lets,,,, lets get this,b,,,rread
She's a mightyena