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i draw pokemon sometimes.

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I'm a bit busy with other projects right now (warriors design challenge, and some short pmvs i want to work on), school starts tomorrow morning, and to be frank, I have no clue what my updates are going to look like, so I'll give you a TM related doodle. May post more of these overtime to compensate for lack of updates. Filler pages will eventually be deleted from the main comic and moved to "Extra", usually when the next real page is posted.
Pandora what the FUCK

Also I love this page! The composition and the art are mmmmMM

Also if you're looking for criticisms then uhh,,, it should probably be "best of luck" not "best of lucks" and the text in the 4th panel is kiiinda hard to read but otherwise??? Looks great mate
(just a note- this isn't carnelian dreaming, this is a meanwhile.)

throwing up a bonus page this week for you all! I'm going to ireland for a week on saturday and I'll try to finish and queue another page before then but I probably won't manage to because I'm quite busy with stuff. Thought I'd throw this page up now because I had it done and seeing that I don't have a consistent schedule, there's no point in uploading it later.
""disturbing imagery in the next few pages"" wait SHIT the CHILDREN
title drop 2: electric booglaloo
Sorry for taking another unannounced hiatus and sorry for not being able to promise that I'll be back off of it soon!! I've been working, I'm going on holiday in a week, holidays are drawing to an end, etc etc. But hey at least I got out a page! Where Carnelian...... sleeps........

I've been working on this thing a lot lately, so if you want to see some of my more recent art check out !
Pan's gettin Sweaty
Understandable!! Take as long as you need and enjoy it, hope you have a good rest from this! Comic making can be fun but it's So Draining hahaha
@KittenFiesta: no this is a crayon
420 (blaze it)
July 15th, 2018
im starting work tomorrow for like two weeks, then going to ireland, then going back to school so dont expect a huge boom in updates either here or on Team Medley haha

EDIT: i fucked up novas legs in the last panel i know ignore it

ALSO thing i have to say about this comic that may potentially be spoilery but not really: i started this before finishing the actual novalocke gameplay (and im still not on the elite four) and that was a bad idea bc guess what? there's been a lack of many deaths which, yknow, doesn't really help with the drama of reading a nuzlocke comic. SO, i may kill off characters in future that never actually died in-game!! yay, increased character deaths :D but really, it's just to make things a bit more interesting- there isn't much point of reading a nuzlocke comic only to find out that barely anyone at all died
*kaepora gaebora theme plays*
aww no cool travel story, poor kids. dammit mr blackenwhopper, You've Ruined Their Day
It's easy Pandora, just tell them the story all about how your life got flipped-turned upside down and id li
OK, so about all the comments saying "it's back!"- it makes me thrilled to bits that you guys are passionate about my comic!! You all really gave me a real confidence boost! However, as you may have guessed from me not updating yet, it's not,,,, really back yet,, ;w;

I know I said I'd try to bring this off hiatus, but I didn't know my summer was going to be so busy- out of the 6 or so weeks I have off, I'm having to spend 2 weeks working, a week in Shetland (which is where I am right now lmfao) and a week in Ireland. If I'm on a holiday or doing a job, I can't really work on pages because I don't have access to my computer and tablet. Please bear with me- I'll try to work on this as soon as I physically can and can gather the energy for it! Thanks for reading x
June 24th, 2018
@Midnight-fox18: yep, it totally would! they kind of self-release after about a day though if the Pokemon wasn't let out, so it wouldn't be -that- disastrous!