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i draw pokemon sometimes.
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Also, reminder that I have a Patreon! You can see exclusive concept art and drawings for as low as $1 a month. I already upload art there, so if you become a patron you get access to the stuff I've already posted! I now have a queue of art up and running as well ;)
"mild blood warning" UH OH I DONT TRUST LIKE THAT
Surprise, a page! My computer got itself back in gear.

Sorry for how rushed this looks, I wanted to make sure I could get it done before I left for holiday. Therefore the shading probably isn't as good as usual and there might be some inconsistencies with the last page (especially in the room layout)- sorry!
susan should form a club with carnelian and nick to celebrate "touching things you shouldnt in chapter 2 and then fucking up your paw"
its an itemizer orb and malachi turns permanently into an apple the end
Update notice! Not making this an actual filler post/news update cause it's not like this comic has a proper schedule anyways haha. Starting Monday I'm going on holiday for two weeks and won't be able to draw digitally at all for that time. I have a half finished TM page that I was hoping to get done this week, but my computer has been having some issues so I'm not sure that's likely anymore. If my computer gets its shit together very soon you're possibly gonna get a page soon, thanks for reading!

Tldr holiday and computer issues, probably no tm for a while
@ShadowStalker1128: thats very valid chapter covers suuuck sometimes
Update: Removed chapter name (originally "The Woods")
Update- removed chapter name (originally "Dreams")
@ShadowStalker1128: WAIT NEVERMIND i misread i thought you were just talking abt chapter names,,,, im still doing covers just getting rid of the names for them GHDJGFJKHFKLS im a Fool sorry
i like volt's stripy blanket!!

also yes join me in abolishing chapter names
@Midnight-fox18: absolutely fucking not
@ShadowStalker1128: moss rocks are also sacred! they're said to have a strong connection with Legends like Shaymin, Xerneas and Virizion. Moss rocks aren't as important to this story, however!
something something exposition lmao. i still haven't gotten around to Getting Rid Of the chapter titles so reminder to myself to do that.

Also, reminder that I have a Patreon now! If you support me, you'll get to see all kinds of cool TM-related stuff that no one else will!

Edit: fixed a couple of grammar errors that slipped through!
pan out here delighting in the potential death of a young child, jfc
@Hardychuckle: Alolan!
carnelian look where you're going smh

btw, i've done 4/5 of my exams, so that's a lot of stress off my back- i can work on art and stuff more now!

Also I kinda wanna get rid of the chapter titles in this comic seeing as I'm not very creative with names and it's gonna stress me out to come up with a title every new chapter, but I can't be bothered to do that right now so I'll get around to it... at some point