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@jellybeanier: lmao, its either a sona change or a secondary sona.
@EeveeEon: i dont know if you mean that the lycanroc should eat the purrloin, the purrloin should eat the lycanroc, or i should eat the page
lmao i originally made this page like 2 weeks ago but SAI crashed and i lost it, so i had to restart from the sketch

SAI doesn't have an easy option to blur an image, like motion blur or lens focus, so i had to manually do the blurring in that second panel, which took more time, haha.
@VoiceOfDeath: first, you need a smackjeeves account. then, you need to be accepted as an author.

the rest is pretty easy from there. just go to the profile, then go to manage webcomic, add comic page, fill in the details for your page (like selecting the image and giving it a title) and boom youve uploaded a page
@VoiceOfDeath: yeah mate
Fire and dragon type. A very good friend. A weird doggo but still good. Can't see very well and uses scent to get around, as well as biting, but its bites are gentle nibbles like the ones you get from a puppy. Trying its best, please help it.
woah damn that's a nice hydreigon

I love the way you draw wings??
June 20th, 2017
conceal, don't feel, don't let them know
It's fine!! Take your time, we understand! Nice sketch as well. I'm excited for your return, but have fun on hiatus and take as long as you need to!
hey can i have ur friend ill give u a cookie and a golden star
it is i
the frenchiest fry
did i mention how much i like lighting and shading this comic? because i love it
@EeveeEon: hey mum and dad im doin' fine you guys are on my mind you asked me what i wanted to be and now i th
@Midnight-fox18: at least it means i win
why the flying fuck am i owen


aside from that this is actually kind of accurate and im scared??
Reminder that, despite some apparent similarities, this is NOT a PMD comic! There's no humans, no mystery dungeons, no exploration guilds. Just a bunch of pokemon trying to make the world a better place by helping out the police and detectives.
May 27th, 2017
talk about mood whiplash
why am i morbidly obese