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i draw pokemon sometimes.

Icon by Shadowstalker1128!!
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carnelian rn:
Oh yeah this is an RP comic lmao. Pierre the purrloin t poses and no clips through a wall, the words "art theft is bad" r tattooed on his chest in comic sans and he explodes, killing you instantly
Wow this is some nice art that yall stole
This is my favourite Gorillaz character
hey she noticed something again
@pixlyJolt: gasp how fuckin dare you use my art (Fire Fang (Lara) 2015, MS Paint on canvas) with nO CREDIT
@Ima Fishtick: Fire Fang (What The Fuck)
stealth mode: 100
as the original artist of Fire Fang (Lara), i must say,,,,,,,,,, wow.
@pixlyJolt: Fire Fuck (Lara)
Fire Fang (Lara)
Fire Fang (Lara)
@pixlyJolt: wait who made u in charge
Fire Fang (Lara)
now that the glaceon is Totally Dead we can go back to shenanigans with carnelian, this time In The Void
@pixlyJolt: that's not u mate that's a character
@Flaming_Eclipse: my response was 5 days late but go off I guess
@Flaming_Eclipse: you are precisely ten (10) days late but go off I guess