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oh heck it's a spooky boi

i love the way you draw paws aaaa
@WildfireK: im not even too into TØP but yooo not today is like the most underrated song on blurryface i actually really like it

tear in my heart is objectively the best one though
@EeveeEon: save me from the nothing ive become
@42Meep: if you're on a laptop or computer, hover over the image/page with your cursor and it lets you read the alt text! i'm not sure how to on a tablet or mobile though.
@WildfireK: TheresaninfestationinmymindsimaginationIhopetheychokeonsmokecauseImsmokingthemoutth ebasementThisisnotrapthisisnothiphopJustanotherattempttomakethevoicesstoprappingtopr ovenothingjustwritingtosaysomethingcauseIwasnttheonlyonewhowasntrushingtosaynothingT hisdoesntmeanIlostmydreamItsjustrightnowIgotareallycrazymindtoCLEEEAAANNN

(also no reptilia isn't that fast at all it just sounds pretty aggressive)
Is it bad that I guessed the alt text lmao

also i love the your take on some of the legendaries like holy heck?? yveltal and lugia in particular look amazing.
i was listening to some of the faster and more aggressive songs on my playlist (not THAT fast or aggressive, just more than usual) and i was inspired to draw a skarmory so uhhhhh
yell heah this looks n i c e
heck he angery
:O well done! this is pretty accurate actually?? looks real nice
whee an update!

not too proud with how the blurry effects came out to make it look like they were running, oops! im not very good at portraying movement in art yet
@ShadowStalker1128: yeah i know but Bean is Eon's sona lmao

beans are a bad tasting food and i personally dont want to give off an "uwu smol bean" vibe so i titled it beatriz but you're right i should probably rename it to something else lmao
yooo its a fren
August 26th, 2017
what even are all these comments about lmao why are you all just talking