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i draw pokemon sometimes.

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cmon lads, this is a pretty bad idea, two of you are normal types ffs, what are you going to do against a ghost type? bite him?

but then again, marge running after them is a bad idea too,,,, i can already see her knees failing
@Guest: Addy/Doom is genderfluid (I think that's the label?) and they use/don't mind he, she, or they pronouns.
@ShadowStalker1128: its been months and somebody finally saw/got my joke jhsgfjgsdkf
Pokeballs: otherwise it's be completely impossible for full teams of evolved Pokemon to travel by fly, surf or dive.
susan is a MURDERER and must go to jail to atone for her sins

also ayyy happy early birthday!!
holy shit, i thought this was a photo for a second!
heyyy i remember that arcanine! wasnt Meteor a member of one of your in-game pokemon teams? FireRed, i think, i can recall seeing a picture of your team on Deviantart years ago!

also this lopunny is ridiculously dramatic i love it
@Midnight-fox18: prof bitch doesnt even lift and he skips leg day
Update: I also have some guidelines I neglected to include here though they aren't concrete rules and may be broken from time to time.

-EXP Share should be turned off for most of the time.
-Items should be used/bought very sparingly, ESPECIALLY during battles. Pokemon Centres may be used freely, however.
I should note that this isn't going to be the most serious of comics- the plot's susceptible to change, it's a sketch-comic and i'm not putting too much effort into it overall- it's more something to work on when I don't have the time or mental energy to work on Team Medley or anything. Heck, I haven't even finished the in-game nuzlocke yet! So don't expect much- it's just a silly little exercise of a comic.

Also, props to Shadowstalker1128 for the idea of making Professor Birch a ludicolo, I was originally going to go with linoone. Most other characters will be represented by the pokemon they own.
Firestraw is my FAVOURITE Avenger
to be fair, if a mysterious old man took my money, told me i had a mysterious fate and then started yelling at me in the middle of town, i'd leave too.
@Sky207: god I made the mistake of choosing plague flight as well when I got my account as a kid, I have no idea why I was just edgy I think
an additional point, though not really a rule, is that if i choose, i don't have to kill a pokemon literally in the comic, they can be "killed off" in other ways- severe injury making them unable to continue battling, or just leaving the team and never returning. most pokemon really will die, but if i feel it suits the story or character better to leave them alive (or if im too much of a wimp to kill them) i will rarely let a character "survive death" (though they can't battle again).
im splitting the chapters up by badges since this comic isn't as structured or detailed as, say, Team Medley, so as a result chapter 1 is probably gonna be the longest by a decent margin considering it also covers all the intro stuff with Professor Birch, Brendan, the Pokedex etc
This looks so good, i love the fur texture and the colour scheme and the anatomy and the shading and everything!! You've improved so muuuuch :3

Good luck on your exam! <3
@ShadowStalker1128: god, that was fast