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i draw pokemon sometimes.

Icon by Shadowstalker1128!!
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how dare you make me SAD >:(((

(also two weeks is fine, stretch that even longer if you want! at the end of the day, you're making this for fun, right? you don't need to stress yourself over a comic when you have more pressing priorities! im sure nobody will mind if you need to take more breaks, i love this comic so much but your mental health comes first!!!)
@Guest: lmao this comment is 4 years old mate
same, carnelian. same

sorry for never updating, my prelims are over now though so maybe i'll get more free time? we'll see

and apologies for that first panel- i accidentally used the completely wrong brush fo the lineart but wasnt bothered to go back and fix it lmao. this entire page looks pretty bad but hey at least it's out!!
huge fucking mood, skylar
@EeveeEon: EXTREMELY big sad. absolute chungus of a sad. i am about 2 cry
Tubbs has Big Bastard energy
waiting for susan's face when she shows up at pandora and pan's like "child Nani The Fuck fuck off i dont want this" and then like......... uh oh
January 5th, 2019
ok so I think its safe to call this cancelled now lol so here's a quick novalocke-based youtube video i made a while back, and a picture I made of my eventual team members:
im letting you go susan. off the top of this cliff. i am letting go of your leg now. goodbye forever you little shit
this lighting and texture is FANTASTIC, all your pages look so amazing i'm just,,,dfgydfgj,,,,,

also, run susan!! get out of this town!!!! D:
December 2nd, 2018
lets,,,, lets get this,b,,,rread
She's a mightyena
@Flamaria: yep!! it's not exactly like i draw her with eyelashes though, so it's not very obvious haha
they all look fuckughgn fantastic, id say the blue and black ones look the best though!! but holy SHIT is that a good owl
Anyone in this thread smoke weed
"owo what's this" - Nick @ mysterious object.

(Mobile won't read the alt text so it had better not be something similar and make me look stupid I s2g)
@Creamy Eevee (Guest): like. im sorry but how is there no improvement here???
@Creamy Eevee: IDK exactly how much of her stuff you've read, but TEA was discontinued like a year ago, and TBH EeveeEon has gone through some fucking fantastic art improvement- compare the first page of TEA with the latest page of her comic TFM???

IDK mate this comment really comes off as kind of rude and ignorant, if you're going to bother to complain about someone's "lack of improvement" then maybe you should check out her actually recent art lmao- unless of course you ARE complaining about TEA vs TFM in which case??? How high even are your standards for art improvement lmfaooo
sorry about weird things with the text size vs boldness,, im still trying to find a decent font and work with it!

i was meaning to post this the day after today but hmm its here and its done and i dont have a consistent schedule anyways so theres no point in making you all wait extra for it lmao